Acknowledgement of Prisoner of War Status, May 20, 1780

Acknowledgement of Prisoner of War Status, May 20, 1780

In 1780 Abraham was ordered to Charleston, South Carolina, under siege by the British. The British succeeded in sinking Whipple's small fleet, and the Commodore was taken prisoner. He and his officers were confined until the close of the war. Abraham signed the following Parole of Honour for the British. (Submitted to the Whipple Website by Ralph W. Lange [].)


I the subscriber Abraham Whipple Commodore and Commander of the Continental Ship of War Providence do here by acknowledge myself a prisoner of War to his Majesty and most solemnly and strictly find myself by all the full in spirit and extensive faith and meaning of a Parole of Honour, which I hereby give to his Excellency Vice Admiral Arbuthnot - and that I will not directly or indirectly either by word or act take any farther part in the Dispute between Great Britain & the British Colonies in North America until regularly exchanged for an Officer of Equal rank in his Majesties Service.

Abraham Whipple

May 20 1780


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