About This Site

About This Site



As the website of the Whipple One-Name Study, The Whipple Website (whipple.one-name.net) is dedicated to Whipples and their descendants, whenever and wherever they have lived. It is the goal of the associated Whipple Database (whipple.one-name.net/tng) to collect, organize and validate genealogical information about descendants of anyone named Whipple.


Until March 2021, the Whipple Website was owned and maintained by Weldon Whipple, the webmaster, chief genealogist, hobbyist, programmer/engineer and system administrator. (Actually, numerous better genealogists contribute most of the information to the Whipple Website. Weldon tries to keep up with numerous emails from contributors, entering the information into the database, while minimizing typos.)

In March 2021, the Whipple Website joined the Guild of One-Name Studies, which now hosts and assists in the site's administration.

Genealogical Contributions

We welcome additions and corrections to the Whipple Database, which focuses on descendants of Whipples, their spouses, and the parents of those spouses. All descendants are included, even if their surname is no longer Whipple.

Most data formats are acceptable. Some common popular formats include:

  • GEDCOM files (if you have genealogical software that generates GEDCOM files). Send it (optionally ZIPped) to whipple@one-name.org.
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word Excel, or PDF files as email attachments.
  • Scans of documents (in jpeg, png, or other popular formats)
  • Mail xeroxes, printouts, CDs and diskettes to the webmaster. (Send email to whipple@one-name.org for the mailing address.)

(A blank pedigree chart and family group sheet are available for printing. If your browser can't display them properly, try downloading (for free) the Adobe Reader)


Beginning in March 2021, the Whipple Website's hosting is funded and maintained by the Guild of One-Name Studies. Previously, as the webmaster's hobby, the Whipple Website was funded entirely by him. He also provided all administration, programming and web hosting services for the Whipple Genealogical Web. It is the goal of the Whipple Website to remain completely free of charge.

Future of the Whipple Website

The webmaster hopes to continue the Whipple Website in perpetuity.

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