Piggeries, Henneries, and J. R. Whipple’s Boston Hotels

Seven or more years ago, Joanne Lahr-Kreischer introduced me to J. Reed Whipple (full name: Joseph Reed Whipple) when she submitted “J. Reed Whipple and Boston Hotels” to the Whipple Website. Born in New Boston, New Hampshire, Reed remained connected with his roots, even after becoming a noted Boston hotelier.

The New Boston Historical Society’s web site tells about Whipple’s New Boston farm that supplied food to his Boston hotels. Worth noting:

  • J.R. (Reed) Whipple supplied food to the Parker House, Young’s Hotel and Hotel Touraine from his 2500-acre Valley View Farm in New Boston, NH
  • In 1893 he build a railroad line between New Boston and Boston’s Parker Station to facilitate food shipments.
  • The farm’s “piggery,” “hennery,” and creamery employed 90 workers. Food was shipped to Boston daily. Leftover food was sent back to New Boston to feed the pigs and chickens.

To read more about Valley View Farm, visit the New Boston Historical Society‘s web site, then click “Town History,” then “New Boston’s Farms.”
(Note: The New Boston Historical Society is located in the former Whipple Free Library, which recently moved into its new building.)

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