Frank Whipple: Modern British Hero

Frank Whipple, East [London] End legend, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, at the age of 103. He died at the Royal London hospital. He was known in East London as a “campaigner, football fanatic and devoted family man.” He was admired as the the U.K.’s oldest carer [caregiver] because of his dedication in taking care of his daughter Peggy, “born with severe special needs.” Read the entire article in the East London Advertiser.

Frank was born in southern Ireland in about 1908, then moved with his family to east London in 1916. He is listed on the Whipple Website’s “Disconnected Whipples” page. His son Harry is 72 years old. If any of you know how to contact him, it would be genealogically interesting to ask him to participate in a Y-Chromosome DNA test (in the unlikely event that he belongs to the haplogroup as any of the American Whipples. See the Whipple DNA page). I wonder if he is related to Robert Eugene Whipple, in the Whipple Database.
We offer our condolences to Frank’s children Harry and Peggy.
Frank is in the Whipple Database.

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  1. i am researching the whipple family tree my cousin is married to harrys son and harry is son to the frank you have writen aobut i will pass on the message

  2. i have spopken to harry and hes had so many requests over th eyears from whipples all over the world the opnly thing he can and told me that/ his ancestors mathew and john started in the bocking.suffolk or norfolk area and went to canada poss. wewre seafaring people and farmers etc over the years. one of the family went to ireland where his family were born. and he told me a little aobut his father a william whipple in america or canada he wasnt sure had a child one that he has been told of that died early thats about it really

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