Locating Captain John and Sarah’s gravestones in Providence’s North Burial Ground

Two or three weeks ago my brother phoned me from the North Burial Ground in Providence, Rhode Island. He was visiting family members nearby and wanted to visit the gravestones of our 8th great grandparents, Captain John and Sarah Whipple. I was driving when he phoned, so I pulled over and tried to help him.

The office couldn’t recall where the Dahlia Path sign was located (see its photo on the Whipple Website.) The map below show how they eventually located the gravestones:

Drive northward on Eastern Ave., passing Front Ave. Continue on Eastern Ave, passing Pine and Summit Avenues on your left. As you approach Sedge Avenue on the right, you will see the Dahlia Path sign on your left. The asterisk (*)  marks the spot of the gravestones of John and Sarah.

Walk west past 3-4 (or 7 or 8?) rows of headstones. Look back towards the east until you see a scene something like the above.

The Dahlia Path pole is about 1/3 of the way from the left in this photo. The Captain’s and Sarah’s gravestones are labeled in this photo.

I’ll verify these instructions next time I visit Providence. If you have better instructions, please comment!

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