Ryan Tedder, Lead Singer and Pianist of OneRepublic

An email I received last week informed me that Ryan Tedder–lead singer of the band OneRepublic–is my cousin, a descendant of Captain John Whipple of Providence, RI.

A visit to Ryan’s page in Wikipedia confirmed that relationship.

Here are a few (of very many) notable facts I’ve learned:
  • His YouTube video “Counting Stars” has had two billion views!
  • He is the grandson of Cornelius Benjamin Watrous and Mary Esther Crandall. Both are “many times over” Whipple descendants.
  • Ryan has written and produced songs for the likes of Madonna, U2, Adele, Beyoncé, and many more. (The Wikipedia article lists 19 well-known artists. Visit Wikipedia to see them for yourself.)
  • Because several of his songs have made it to the “list of best-selling singles of all time,” Billboard magazine in 2014 named him “The Undercover King of Pop” and featured Ryan on its cover.
  • He has received Grammy Award for Album of the Year.
The list of Ryan’s achievements goes on and on.
Congratulations to Ryan Tedder. (Where have I been all these years, I wonder? I should have made the connection much sooner!)

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