Alexander Graham Bell and the Whipples of Mystic, Connecticut

One of the Whipple Website’s longtime supporters recently sent a link to a fascinating article that appeared on May 5, 2021, in The Day, a newspaper published in New London, Connecticut. Entitled “Writing on Water: What Alexander Graham Bell knew about the Mystic Oral School,” it tells of what was originally called the Whipple Home School for the Deaf in Mystic, Connecticut.

It mentions:

  • Jonathan Whipple, “a stonemason by profession … [and] a self-educated teacher at the Quakertown School in Ledyard,” Connecticut
  • Enoch Whipple, his youngest son, born deaf in 1825
  • Zerah Whipple, Jonathan’s grandson who invented the phonetic “Natural Alphabet”
  • Clara McGuigan, M.D., the first woman to graduate from the Philadelphia School of Medicine. (She was also the author of a major Whipple genealogy entitled The Antecedents and Descendants of Noah Whipple of the Rogerene Community at Quakertown, Connecticut, published in 1972.)
… and (of course) it mentions Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.
The article is a rewarding read.