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Bocking/Ipswich Immigrants

Matthew and John of Ipswich, Massachusetts, formerly Bocking, England

Blaine Whipple. 15 Generations of Whipples: Descendants of Matthew Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Abt 1590-1647: An American Story. — Baltimore, MD : Gateway Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-9801022-4-6 (4-volume set).
Blaine Whipple. History and Genealogy of "Elder" John Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts: His English Ancestors and American Descendants. — Victoria, B.C. : Trafford, 2004. ISBN: 155395676-1.
William Wyman Fiske. "The Whipple Family of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire: Proposed Ancestral Origin of Matthew Whipple of Bocking, Essex, and a Whipple Ancestral Line for Arthur Gary of Roxbury, Massachusetts," The Genealogist, vol. 20, no. 2 (Fall 2006), pp. 191-217.

Blaine Whipple's two monumental works on the brothers Matthew and John Whipple of Bocking, England, thoroughly document their lives and origins, including many of their notable descendants.

The first seven chapters of 15 Generations of Whipples discuss England, Essex County, Bocking and the Whipples who lived there. They copiously document Matthew's voyage to the New World and settlement in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The older brother Matthew and his first wife Anne Hawkins had the following children (the first seven born in Bocking, the last in Ipswich):

  1. Matthew Whipple (abt 1623 - Oct 1623)
  2. Matthew Whipple (abt 1624 - 1627)
  3. Mary Whipple (abt 1626 - 28 Apr 1694)
  4. Anne Whipple (abt 1628 - ____)
  5. Elizabeth Whipple (abt 1629 - 12 Feb 1684/1685)
  6. John Whipple (6 Sep 1632 - 22 Nov 1695)
  7. Matthew Whipple (abt 1635 - 20 Oct 1658)
  8. Joseph Whipple (abt 1640 - abt 1709)

The History and Genealogy of "Elder" John Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts similarly relate the story of Matthew's younger brother John in its first three chapters. (A word of caution to Rhode Island Whipples: John's son, Captain John Whipple (great grandfather of General William Whipple who signed the Declaration of Independence), discussed in chapter 4 is not the Captain John Whipple of Dorchester and Providence! Evidence of this confusion can be seen in numerous online genealogical databases.)

The brother John and his first wife Susanna Clarke had the following children (the first 10 born in Bocking, the last in Ipswich):

  1. Susanna Whipple (1 Jul 1622 - 10 Aug 1692)
  2. John Whipple (1 Jan 1623/1624 - 4 Aug 1624)
  3. John Whipple (21 Dec 1625 - 10 Aug 1683)
  4. Elizabeth Whipple (1 Nov 1627 - 15 Dec 1648)
  5. Matthew Whipple (7 Oct 1628 - 12 Oct 1634)
  6. William Whipple (Oct 1631 - 4 Jun 1641)
  7. Anne Whipple (2 Jun 1633 - 4 May 1634)
  8. Mary Whipple (20 Feb 1634/1635 - 25 Jun 1720)
  9. Judith Whipple (Aug 1636 - 27 Jun 1637)
  10. Matthew Whipple (17 Feb 1637/1638 - 30 Mar 1638)
  11. Sarah Whipple (3 Nov 1641 - 23 Jul 1681)

Both of Blaine's titles tell of Matthew Whipple, father of brothers Matthew and John. Matthew Sr. died in Bocking in January 1618/19, some 20 years before his two sons departed for the New World. (Many wishful genealogists have incorrectly assumed that Matthew Sr. is the father of the teenage John Whipple of Dorchester/Providence, as witnessed by the numerous online databases that try to make that connection.)

Prior to his death on January 3, 2015, in Portland, Oregon, Blaine was a commercial real estate broker. He spent more 50 years researching the Whipples of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and Bocking, England. He is a descendant of Matthew Whipple Sr. and Jr.

Blaine's website blainewhipple.com is no longer active. His books are still available on the Internet, however.

Two Earlier Ancestral Generations

In the fall of 2006, William Wyman Fiske, an M.D. living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, published his discovery of two additional generations of ancestors of the Bocking/Ipswich Whipples. His article, published in The Genealogist, identified Thomas Whipple (father of Matthew Whipple Sr.) and Thomas' father, also named Thomas Whipple (born about 1475). The older Thomas lived in Bishop's Stortford, in extreme eastern Hertfordshire–where it borders Essex County. (Bishop's Stortford is next to London's Stansted Airport.)

Dr. Fiske's article is well documented, enabling interested relatives to verify his sources. Among the older Thomas Whipple's descendants are a number of other Whipples. We are not aware of any connections to the young John of Dorchester/Providence. (Please don't make any assumptions without proof! However, if you find a connection between the two early families, please share!)

In 2006, William Wyman Fiske was a physician practicing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, living with his wife and three daughters.

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