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Books by and about Rhode Island Whipples

Many of the older titles listed below are out of print. Some contain inaccurate genealogical information. If an examination of their genealogical information leads you to suspect errors in the Whipple Database, feel free to contact the Webmaster!

Genealogies of Specific Whipple Individuals

Commodore Abraham Whipple (1733-1819)

Cohen, Sheldon S. Commodore Abraham Whipple of the Continental Navy: Privateer, Patriot, Pioneer. -- Gainesville : University of Florida Press, 2010. (New Perspectives on Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology)
ISBN-10: 0813034337.
ISBN-13: 978-0813034331
Visit The Commodore's Page for more information about Abe.

Frances Harriet Whipple Green McDougall (1805-1878)

O'Dowd, Sarah C. A Rhode Island Original : Frances Harriet Whipple Green McDougall. -- Hanover : University Press of New England, 2004.
ISBN: 1-58465-379-5.
Listed in the Amazon.com Bookstore catalog.
"Frances Harriet Whipple (1805-1878) was born in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Although descended from two of the state's foremost families, her father's sudden impoverishment forced her to support herself from a young age as a writer and editor. Her impressive oeuvre includes poetry, essays advocating temperance and the abolition of slavery, a worker's journal, and one of the few published narratives about a free black woman, The Memoirs of Elleanor Eldridge.

"After leaving Providence for New York in her middle years, Whipple became devoted to Spiritualism. She wrote for numerous spiritualist publications and penned the biography of clairvoyant healer Semantha Mettler. She also produced a lengthy antislavery work, a satirical epistolary novel called Shamah in Pursuit of Freedom, or; the Branded Hand. Whipple left the East Coast for California in 1861, where she became a medium, speaking and writing antislavery messages that she said were dictated to her from the spirit world. Still interested in workers' rights, she served briefly on the board of the first female typographical union in San Francisco.

"O'Dowd, deftly contextualizing her analysis of Whipple's key works in nineteenth-century politics and culture, has created a fascinating portrait of a woman well ahead of her time." --Back cover

CONTENTS: Poem: "Roger Williams" -- Chapter 1. The Early Years: 1805-1830 -- Chapter 2. The Memoris of Elleanor Eldridge -- Chapter 3. "A New Age of Reform" -- Chapter 4. The Wampanoag, and Operatives' Journal -- Chapter 5. Spiritualism -- Chapter 6. Shahmah -- Chapter 7. California Years: 1861-1878 -- Verse from "Nanuntenoo" -- Chapter 8. Conclusions -- Appendix A. Frances Harriet Whipple Green McDougall: Chronological List of Major Works -- Appendix B. Various Names and Pseudonymns of Frances Whipple.

Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple (1822-1901)

Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple was the first Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota. The American Indians of Minnesota referred to him as "Straight Tongue" because of his truthfulness and honesty in dealing with them. (Visit his home page on this site. See his Whipple genealogy in the Whipple Database.)
Allen, Anne Beiser. And the Wilderness Shall Blossom: Henry Benjamin Whipple, Churchman, Educator, Advocate for the Indians / foreword by James L. Jelinek, VIII Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota. -- Afton, MN : Afton Historical Society Press, 2007.

Whipple, Henry B. Bishop Whipple's Southern Diary. -- Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1937.
Out of print.

Whipple, Henry B. Civilization and Christianization of the Ojibways in Minnesota. -- 1901.
Also in Minnesota Historical Society Collections, Vol. 9, pp. 129-142.

Whipple, Henry B. Lights and Shadows A Long Episcopate : Being Reminiscences and Recollections of the Right Reverend Henry Benjamin Whipple, Bishop of Minnesota. -- New York : Macmillan, 1899.
Out of print.

Whipple, Henry B., ed. Journal of the Rev. Samuel D. Hinman. -- Philadelphia : McCalla & Stavely, 1869.
Hinman was a missionary to the Santee Sioux and Taopi Indians.

Straight tongue : Minnesota Indian art from the Bishop Whipple collections : an exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN., October 17, 1980 to April 30, 1981. -- St. Paul : Science Museum of Minnesota.
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ISBN: 0911338276

Casagrande, Louis B., and Ringheim, Melissa M. Straight Tongue : Minnesota Indian Art from the Bishop Whipple Collections. -- Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1983.
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ISBN: 0295960329

Jesse Whipple (1771-1840)

Whipple, Charles M., Jr. Sons and Daughters of Jesse : A 360 Year History of the Whipple Family. -- Bicentennial ed. -- Oklahoma City : Southwestern Press, 1976.
The author (Charles [10], Charles [9], Charles [8], William [7], Jabez [6], Jesse [5], Eleazer [4], William [3], William [2], Captain John [1]) traces his relatives as they migrated from Providence, Rhode Island to Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and the southwestern U.S.

Job Whipple (1749-1822)

McDonald, Frank V. Inquiries Relating to the Ancestors and Descendants of Job Whipple, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, and Greenwich, Washington County, New York. -- Cambridge : University Press, 1881.
Discusses Job Whipple (30 Mar 1749-18 Sep 1822), who married Freelove Carpenter, and his ancestors and descendants. After nearly persuading the reader that this Job is the same person as the Job who appears in the Whipple Genweb with a birth date of 15 Mar 1752, he offers an alternate (and more convincing?) hypothesis that Job is the son of Ephraim Whipple, and half brother of Marmaduke. (Marmaduke--a Rhode Island Whipple--married Wealthy Whipple--an Ipswich Whipple.)

Captain John Whipple (abt 1617-1685)

Debrett Ancestry Research Limited. The Whipple Family of Essex. -- Winchester, England : Debrett, March 1990.
Study of the Whipples of Essex County, England, commissioned by Dr. Charles M. Whipple, Jr.
Available as a searchable PDF file on the Whipple Website. Earlier study by the same title, dated February 1988, also available on the Whipple Website.

Jillson, David. "Descendants of Capt. John Whipple, of Providence, R.I." New-England Historical and Genealogical Register 32 (1878): 403-407.
Four generations of Whipples, beginning with Capt. John.

Whipple, Charles M., Jr. A History of Captain John and Sarah Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, 1617-1685: A multigenerational Study of the First Whipple Family in America. -- Victoria, B.C. : Trafford, 2007.
ISBN: 978-1-4251-3242-2

"Third in a series of 21st century books on the Whipple Families of America."

Dorchester (part of present-day Boston) is about 39 miles from Ipswich on today's highways. One wonders why it has taken this long for a book about John Whipple of Dorchester (who arrived there from England at the age of 17 in 1632) to acknowledge the existence of the two Whipple brothers that settled in nearby Ipswich in 1638. (One of those other Whipples--also named John and called "The Elder"--has been so hopelessly confused with the Dorchester John in so many genealogical databases around the world, that one wonders if the inaccuracies will ever be set straight) We can hope that this book--together with Blaine Whipple's volumes on "Elder" John and Matthew Whipple of Ipswich--will clear up that confusion once and for all!

Order your copy online from Trafford Publishing.

> CONTENTS: Chapter 1. Captain John Whipple -- Chapter 2. The Whipple Children -- Chapter 3. Ensign John Whipple Junior -- Chapter 4. Samuel Whipple -- Chapter 5. Eleazer Whipple -- Chapter 6. William Whipple -- Chapter 7. Benjamin Whipple -- Chapter 8. Ensign David. Whipple -- Chapter 9. Colonel Joseph Whipple -- Chapter 10. Lieutenant Jonathan Whipple -- Chapter 11. Sarah, Mary, and Abigail.

Whipple, George Carroll, III. The Illustrated History of the Whipple Family in America, 1631-1987. -- (Carmel, N.Y. : G.C. Whipple III, c1987)
George traces his ancestry from Captain John Whipple to himself, including information about the Daniel Webster connection and Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple. Includes appendices.

A revised edition is posted on the Whipple Website.

Whipple, Henry E. A Brief Genealogy of the Whipple Families Who Settled in Rhode Island. -- Providence: A. Crawford Greene, 1873 ; reprint ed. Boston : New England Historic Genealogical Society, [1997?].
A "preservation photocopy" edition. Available from New England Historic Genealogical Society. The Whipple Website has a page of possible corrections to Henry's Genealogy.

Noah Whipple (1741/1742-1774)

McGuigan, Clara Hammond. The Antecedents and Descendents of Noah Whipple of the Rogerene Community of Quakertown, Connecticut. -- Ithaca, N.Y. : John M. Kingsbury, 1971.
Can be borrowed from the New England Historic Genealogical Society's Circulating Library.
Visit Quakertown Online for more information about the Rogerene Community in Ledyard, Connecticut.

Otis (1875-1958) and Julia (1876-1936) Whipple

Black, Lorna Whipple. Heritage of Faith : A Chronicle of the Otis and Julia Whipple Family. 2nd ed. -- Enumclaw, WA : Pleasant Word, 2006. -- 699 p.
ISBN: 1-4141-0735-8
"This book is about the Otis and Julia Whipple family--people whose lives and experiences reflect unusual hardships and joys not common for most. It is a story of men and women who committed their lives to God's service as missionaries in China and as Christian leaders on the home front. Family letters and journals, miraculously preserved through the World War II years, give detailed accounts of missionary life in China and the faithful support and prayers of those at home. Here we have a record of births and deaths, of marriages and mission assignments, of living in the midst of political upheaval, bombings, war, internment camp, and miraculous deliverance." -- Foreword

CONTENTS: Foreword and Prelude -- 1631-1851 The Immigrants -- 1851-1903 Orin and Janie -- 1903-1924 Otis and Julia -- 1924-1927 Family to China -- 1927-1934 Elden and Evelyn -- 1934-1936 Julia -- 1936-1940 Otis -- 1940-1943 The War Years -- 1944-1971 On the Home Front -- 1971-2004 Retirement and Beyond -- Postlude -- Genealogies -- Photo Supplement.

William Whipple (1652-1711/1712)

Whipple, Charles M., Jr. A History of William Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Smithfield, Rhode Island : His Antecedents and Descendants, 1652-1712. -- Victoria, B.C. : Trafford, 2006.
ISBN: 1-4120-9304-X
The William Whipple referenced in the title is the sixth child (fourth son) of the Captain John Whipple who settled in Dorchester (part of modern-day Boston), Massachusetts in 1632 at age 17, after sailing from England to the New World. (Note: For those of you who are wondering ... no, this isn't the William Whipple that signed the Declaration of Independence.) William is the author's 6th great grandfather.

The third chapter of the book is devoted to William. It follows the groundwork laid in the first two chapters, which are devoted to William's father, Captain John, and the 17th-century milieu in which William lived. Subsequent chapters are allotted for each generation between William and the author, with a final chapter for Charles' son, Chris.

CONTENTS: Chapter 1. Captain John Whipple -- Chapter 2. The Family of Captain John Whipple -- Chapter 3. William Whipple Senior -- Chapter 4. William Whipple Junior -- Chapter 5. Eleazer Whipple -- Chapter 6. Jesse Whipple -- Chapter 7. Jabez Whipple -- Chapter 8. William T. Whipple -- Chapter 9. Charles T. Whipple -- Chapter 10. Charles M. Whipple Senior -- Chapter 11. Charles M. Whipple Junior -- Chapter 12. Chris V. Whipple.

Other Rhode Island Whipple Genealogies

Haddon, Muriel Whipple. Homespun Lore. -- Mystic, Ct : The Author, 1998.
Muriel is a descendant of Captain John Whipple through Samuel Gates and Elizabeth (Watrous) Whipple. Her book includes "stories from her own experience," as well as "stories passed along to her by her parents and others--stories from long ago, that in the telling, make the past live again."

CONTENTS: The Whipple Family -- Quakertown -- Grandparents -- My Early Childhood -- Going East -- Living at Millstone -- Uncle John -- Mystic to Waukesha -- Hammond Farm -- Getting Married -- Going South -- We Take a Church -- Our Last Move -- John Williams Family -- Williams History -- Treasures and Calico Pieces -- Poems -- Christmas Letters.

Hill, John Whipple. Genealogical Notes of the Whipple-Hill Families together with Fragmentary Records of Other Families. -- Chicago : Fergus Publishing Company, 1897.
John Whipple Hill's mother was a sister of Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple. The book contains the will of Captain John Whipple as well as several lines that Charles Henry Whipple left out of his book.

Kapphahn, Ruth Whipple. Genealogy of Whipple, Paddick, Bull Families. -- Columbus, Ohio : UMI, 1992. -- (Genealogy & Local History ; G5108)
The author is the 6th great-granddaughter of Captain John Whipple (Ruth [9], William [8], Benjamin [7], Anthony [6], Reuben [5], Beneger [4], Benjamin [3], Benjamin [2], Captain John [1]). The book is published on microfiche by UMI (University Microfilms International?)

Whipple, Charles H. Genealogy of the Whipple, Wright, Water, Ward, Pell, McLean, Burnet Families. -- [S.l.] : Charles H. Whipple, 1917,
General Charles H. Whipple (son of Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple of Minnesota) traces his ancestry back to Captain John Whipple, of Providence, Rhode Island. He also includes other ancestral and descendancy lines.

Available from Higginson Books.
(Two photographs of General Whipple are in the Whipple Website's Photo Gallery.)

Whipple, Charles M., Jr. and Carroll, Barbara R, The Louquisset Brothers: Samuel, Eleazer, & William. -- 2003.
Samuel, Eleazer & William are the second through fourth sons of Captain John Whipple of Providence, Rhode Island.

Click here to view this article (part of a future book on Captain John and his descendants).

Whipple, Charles M., Jr. and Carroll, Barbara R, Yeomen and Princes: Benjamin, David & Joseph. -- 2003.
Benjamin, David & Joseph are the fifth through seventh sons of Captain John Whipple of Providence, Rhode Island.

Click here to view this article (part of a future book on Captain John and his descendants).

Important Sources of Information on Rhode Island Whipples

Arnold, James Newell. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850. -- Providence : Narragansett Historical Pub. Co., 1891-
21 volumes listing vital records in Rhode Island from colonial times to the mid-1800's. (Providence Vital Records books pick up where Arnold leaves off.)

All the volumes are available on one CD from CDventure, Inc. Order on the Web at www.cdventure.com

Austin, John Osborne. Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. -- Albany, N.Y., 1887 ; reprint ed. Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1978.
Listed in the Amazon.com Bookstore catalog.

Banks, Charles Edward. The Planters of the Commonwealth. -- Boston : [s.n.], 1930 ; Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1997.
Listed in the Amazon.com Bookstore catalog.
Includes a passenger list of the ship Lyon, on which John Whipple sailed to America in 1632.
ISBN: 0806300183.

Roberts, Gary Boyd. Genealogies of Rhode Island Families : From the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. -- Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1989. -- 2 v.
ISBN: 0806312181 (set) 0806312165 (v. 1) 0806312173 (v. 2)
Volume 2 has the end of the alphabet--the part that contains "Whipple."
First published in 1983.

Sterling, John E. North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island: Old Section 1700-1848. -- Greenville, R.I. : Rhode Island Genealogical Society, 2000. -- 432 p. -- (Special Publication ; No. 5)
ISBN: 0-9604144-3-6.
This title is part of a series of books on Rhode Island cemeteries. Most of the books are still available, and more are planned.

If you are looking for individuals buried in the North Burial Ground, try this book! (Captain John Whipple and many other Whipples are buried there)

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