Corrections, Additions & Annotations to Henry E. Whipple's
A Brief Genealogy of the Whipple Families Who Settled in Rhode Island

Corrections, Additions & Annotations to Henry E. Whipple's
A Brief Genealogy of the Whipple Families Who Settled in Rhode Island

The following corrections and annotations are from a copy of Henry E. Whipple's A Brief Genealogy of the Whipple Families Who Settled in Rhode Island (Providence: A. Crawford Greene, 1873) owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society Library. (Thanks to Joanne Lahr-Kreischer for her photocopies of the corrections.) If you find typographical (or other) errors, please inform the webmaster.

A reprint edition is available from the New England Historic Genealogical Society for $19.00. (Item #P3-59493; toll-free number: 1-888-296-3447)

p. 6, last sentence:
He received a grant of land at Dorchester Neck, in 1637/8.
p. 7, paragraph 2, line 1:
He sold his house and land to George Minot in 1658, [...]
p. 9, list of Captain John's children at the bottom of the page:
(No. 2.) John Bap. at Dorchester, Mch. 7. 1641 d. Dec. 15. 1700
Sarah Bap. at Dorchester, Feb. 6. 1642 Mar. Smith of Prov.
(No. 3.) Samuel Bap. at Dorchester, Mch. 17. 1644 d. Mch 12. 1710/11
(No. 4.) Elezer Bap. at Dorchester, Mch. 8. 1646 d. Aug 25. 1719
Mary Bap. at Dorchester, April 9. 1648 Mar. Epenetus Olney Mch 9. 1666/7
(No. 5.) William Bap. at Dorchester, May 16. 1652 d. Mch 9. 1711/12
(No. 6.) Benjamin Bap. at Dorchester, June 4. 1654 d. Mch 11. 1703/4
(No. 7.) David Bap. at Dorchester, Sept. 28. 1656 d. Dec. 1710 at Attleboro, Mass.
(No. 8.) Joseph Bap. at Providence, 1662 d. April 28. 1746
(No. 9.) Jonathan Bap. at Providence, 1664 d. Sept. 8. 1721
Abigail Bap. at Providence, 1665 m. 1st Stephen Dexter Son of Gregory
Mar. Wm. Hopkins.
p. 12, last paragraph, sentence 2:
He was baptized (or sprinkled) in 1641, March 7.
p. 12, last paragraph, last sentence:
He married Mary Olney of Providence, Dec. 4th. 1663; and for his second wife Rebecca Scott the widow of John Scott, April 15. 1678.
p. 13, top of page:
Mary, born at Providence, Mch. 4. 1664/5 Mar. James Carder
10 John, born at Providence Oct. 2d. 1666
Dorothy m. Malachy Roades
m(2) Israel Arnold Apr ?? 1719
11 Elnathan, born at Providence, Jan. 2nd, 1675 m. John Rice Jun of Warwick July 25. 1695
Error: she was d. of Mary the 1st wife.
Deliverance, born at Providence, 11th Feb. 1678/9 m. Wm. Arnold who d. June 1759.

John Whipple (No. 10) son of John Whipple Jun., (No. 2.) and grandson of Capt. John Whipple Sen., who came from Dorchester to Providence. He married Lydia
Hoare (d. of Hesekiah) of Taunton, Nov. 9th, 1688. Nothing more is known of him. [Marginal note:] In the old Town Book Page 389--Mch. 30. 1696 John Whipple Jun. & Liddea his wi[fe] apprenticed to John Sayles--one Job Liddeason--the son of Liddea the w[ife] of John Whipple Jun.

p. 13, middle of page:
13 Elnathan, born at Providence, Sept. 19. 1696.
Patience, born at Providence, Feb 18th 1699.
14 Hezekiah, born at Providence, Feb 17. 1701.
Mercy, born at Providence, June 21st. 1703.
Sarah, born at Providence, Apr. 7th. 1705.
p. 13, immediately below the heading for Samuel Whip[p]le [Note: The book skips a generation--the children in the "Family" section are actually Samuel's grandchildren. The annotations insert an intermediate Samuel (1668-1728), son of Samuel Whipple (No. 3) and father of Samuels No. 15 and 16.]:
Samuel Whipple (No. 3), d. Mch. 12. 1710/11, son of Capt. John (No. 1.), of Providence, was born at Dorchester, Mass. about the year 1643, and was baptized March 17th. 1644. He came to Providence, with his father, in 1658 or 9, and settled there. He took the oath of allegiance to King Charles the Second in 1667. Married Mary Harris ([daughter of] Thomas), who died Dec 14. 1722. Aged 83.

Noah d. Nov. 10. 1703
Samuel born 1668 died April 17. 1728 [This is the "intermediate" Samuel]

Samuel Whipple3 (Jun.), son of (Samuel2, John1). He married Elizabeth Eddy only daughter of Zachariah Eddy, of Swanzy, in 1690/1, in Feb. 26th.
p. 13, last line:
19 Zachariah, born at Providence Feb. 2d. 1706/7.
p. 14, first paragraph, last sentence:
He married Alice Angell Jan. 26. 1669, the daughter of Thomas Angell of Providence. and died Aug. 25. 1719.
p. 14, children listed under first "Family" section:
Ensign James m. Mary Williams of Jos. & Eliz (Olney) Williams
Alice, was born at Providence, June 3rd. 1675. m. Joseph Mawrey June 3. 1695.
Harriet, was born at Providence,
Margery was born at Providence, m. John Mawrey Apr. 18. 1701.
p. 14, inserted after last sentence of WILLIAM WHIPPLE paragraph:
d. Mch. 9. 1711.12. Wife Mary. Children William. Freeman. May 6. 1712
Seth: d. 1724. Nov. 1.
Mary (Sprague) w. of [illegible]
p. 14, last sentence of BENJAMIN WHIPPLE paragraph:
He died Mch. 11. 1703/4, aged about 50 years.
p. 14, last 2 lines:
20 Benjamin, born at Prov. Nov. 11th. 1688. d. 1788 m. Sarah Bernon
Ruth, born at Prov. May 12th. 1691
p. 15, lines 3-4:
22 John, born at Prov. Feb. 25th. 1699/1700.
Abigail, born at Prov. Jan. 12th. 1703.
p. 15, last sentence of BENJAMIN WHIPPLE paragraph:
He married for his second wife Esther Millard.
p. 16, left margin, middle of page opposite Family heading:
See Wills. 3. 271.
p. 16, middle of page, name of 7th child added following Ruth:
p. 17, footnote referring to line 4, which refers to second wife Mary M. Brown:
Mary (Brown) Morris, widow of Capt Woodbury Morris & (18 Aug 1736 - 5 Apr 1777) dau of Col. William [Brown] and Susannah Dexter (Stephen & Abigail). [Col. William's ancestry:] Col. Wm3, Richard2, Henry Browne1
p. 17, first child listed under "SECOND WIFE'S CHILDREN.--MARY M BROWN":
Susannah, born at Prov., Mar. 1st. 1771 - 30 Mar 1793. gr[ave:] N[orth] B[urying] G[round]
p. 20, at end of first paragraph (referring to Vashti):
b. May 2. 1801. d. April 16. 1855. b. at North Burying G. Prov.
p. 22, first child of Emer Whipple's family:
62 Amasa b. at N. Prov, b. Jan 12. 1798. d. Jan. 9. 1870.
p. 25, middle of page, paragraph on Amasa Whipple:
Amara [i.e. Amasa] Whipple, No. 62, (son of Capt, Emer Whipple No. 59, of Providence.) was born Jan 12, 1798, died Jan. 9th, 1870, aged 71y. 11m. 28d. He was a farmer, and resided near Fruit Hill, North, Providence. He married Susan S[?]. Olney, b. Nov. 12. 1800. She dled [i.e. died] March 26th. 1871, Aged 70y. 4m. 14d. They had no children. buried in Olney ground. Smith St. near Fruit Hill Reservoir.
p. 26, note at top of page, probably referring to Benjamin Whipple's first wife? (Note: Caleb Rutenburg Whipple, further down the page, also married a Ruth Brown--granddaughter of Gideon Brown.):
Ruth (Brown) Whipple d. of Gideon & Ruth Brown
p. 28, paragraph about Benedict Whipple in middle of page, third sentence from the end:
He married Elizabeth Matthewson, the daughter of James Matthewson, of Scituate, June 1, 1764, by Jeremiah Angell, J[ustice of the] P[eace].
p. 28, entry for Esther, first child of Benedict Whipple:
Esther, b. at Scituate Apr. 2nd. 1767. Mar. Asaph Phillips [son] of James of Foster [R.I.] Aug 16, 1787. By Josiah Colvin [Cohrn?], J.P.
p. 29, first paragraph, second sentence from the end:
For his second wife, Elizabeth Parker, the daughter of Thomas Parker of Foster, Sept. 24. 1809 By Elder Chas.[?] Stone.
p. 29, family of James Whipple:
Ruth L. born at Scituate, Apr. 20. 1803. Mar. Martin Howard of Foster March 4, 1821, by Benj. Wells, J.P.
Margaret B. b. at Scituate, Nov. 29th 1809. Mar. R. Rounds
111 James M. b. at Scituate, Sept. 4th 1811.
112 Thomas P. b. at Scituate, Apr. 24th 1813.
113 Almon O. b. at Scituate, Mar. 7th 1816, d. Nov. 23d. 1870.
114 Henry Edwin b. at Scituate, Oct. 18th 1819.
115 Benedict Miller b. at Scituate, Dec. 29th 1821.
p. 29, added at end of paragraph on James M. Whipple:
d. at Centreville, May 31, 1885, in 74th y.
p. 31, added at end of first paragraph:
She d. July 6. 1885 in the 65th year of her age, at Prov.
p. 31, paragraph on Benedict M. Whipple, middle of page, last sentence:
He married Mary Carpenter Arnold of Scituate, July 8. 1844. By Elder Reuben Allen.
p. 31, family of Benedict M. Whipple, beginning with second child:
Celinda A. born at Scituate May 18, 1848. died October 31, 1925
126 Ormando born at Scituate Oct. 27, 1850. died July 30, 1899
p. 31, death date added at end of first sentence in paragraph about Charles A. Whipple:
Charles A. Whipple No. 125, (son of Benedict M. Whipple No. 115, of Warwick,) was born Feb. 12th, 1846, died Oct 2, 1922.
p. 31, family of Charles A. Whipple, at bottom of page:
127 Frederick A. born at Cumberland March 4th, 1867. died May 19, 1941
Estelle Maude born at Providence April 10th, 1871. died Sept 13, 1947
Arthur born at Providence Nov [Mar?] 3, 1876 died 3-17-1882
p. 32, paragraph about John Whipple near bottom of page, last sentence:
He married for his first wife Abigail Stone, b. May 22, 1773, d. March 2, 1810, of Scituate; for his second wife, Sarah Griffis.
pp. 32 (bottom)-33 (top), family of John Whipple's first wife:
129 Nehemiah Knight b. at Foster Sept. 7, 1793 died 1795
Polly b. at Foster Nov. 5, 1795. Mar. Richard Howard of Daniel, July 3, 1814.
Alfred b. at Foster May 8, 1798
Cynthia b. at Foster Mar. 8 1801. Mar. Olney Williams.
Selinda b. at Foster Oct. 27 1803. Mar. Rev Gard'r Howard of Daniel Dec. 14, 1820. By Benj. Wells, J.P.
Robert Stone b. at Foster Dec. 20, 1806.
Jason Stone b. at Foster Feb. 5, 1810.
p. 33, last sentence of paragraph on Alfred Whipple:
He married Lucy Ellis for his first wife [on] Jan 7, 1819, and Delila Corp of Foster, for his second [on] Nov. 6, 1825, by Elder Chas. Stone.
p. 33, third child of Alfred Whipple, middle of page:
Susan J. b. at Foster Sept. 23rd, 1822. Mar. Thomas Paine. Mch. 13. 1849.
p. 33, bottom of page, last heading and paragraph:


Robert Stone Whipple No. 131, (son of John Whipple No. 109 of Foster,) was born Dec. 20th, 1806. He lived most of his days in the town of Foster, and was a farmer. He married for first wife Aug. 15, 1824 (by Daniel Howard Jun., J.P.) Orrila Hill, daughter of Deacon Knight Hill of Scituate; for second wife widow Abby Tanner, (formerly a Pollard.)
p. 38, last sentence of paragraph on David Whipple:
He married Hannah Tower of Hingham, at Hingham, Mass., Nov. 11th, 1677.
p. 38, David Whipple's family listed at the bottom of the page:
168 Israel born in Providence, Aug. 16th, 1678. drowned Jun 13, 1720
m. Mary Wilmarth of Rehoboth [Mass.]
Deborah born in Providence, Sept. 12th, 1681. m. ---- Tower of Attleboro [Mass.]
169 Jeremiah born in Providence, June 26th, 1683. d. March 14, 1721
m. Deborah Bucklin of Rehoboth
170 William born in Providence, 27 May 1685 d. about 1743
Sarah born in Providence, 18 Nov. 1687. m. [illegible: J---?] Razee
Hannah born in Providence, Jan. 9th, 1690
Abigail born in Providence, Oct. 20th, 1692
p. 38, note in bottom margin, with arrow drawn to refer to William (no. 170) in above family:
S[on] o[f] Wm see p. 48
[Note 1: This indicates that William (no. 170) is the child of William (no. 5), son of Captain John Whipple, instead of David (no. 7), son of Captain John Whipple.]
[Note 2: Correspondence from Joanne Lahr-Kreischer indicates that the original is correct--William No. 170 is actually the son of David No. 7.]
p. 39, first four sentences of paragraph on Colonel Joseph Whipple at top of page:
Colonel Joseph Whipple, No. 8, (the seventh son of Captain John Whipple No. 1, of Providence,) was born in Providence in 1662, and died in Providence the 28th of April, 1746, aged 84 years. He was buried in the North Burying Place in Providence. He married Alice Smith of Providence, May 20th, 1684. She was born at Providence in 1664, and died in 1739 aged 75 years.
p. 39, family at bottom of page:
171 John born at Prov., May 28th, 1685 d. Oct. 6, 1769 (Gravestone says May 18)
Freeman 1708.
172 Jeremiah born at Prov., Sept. 3d, 1686. Died young.
173 Joseph born at Prov., Dec. 30th, 1687 m. Sarah Redwood of Newport
Dep[uty] Gov[ernor] 1743-44-46 [illegible]
Amphillis born at Prov., Oct. 6th, 1689
Sarah born at Prov., Mar. 29th, 1691 Mar Wm. Crawford. Apr. 22, 1798
Susannah born at Prov., Apr. 14th, 1693 Mar Stephen Dexter.
Freelove born at Prov., Mar. 28th, 1694 Mar Capt A. Young.
Alice born at Prov., Feb. 6th, 1696
Ami born at Prov., June 16th, 1699. Mar. Moses Lippit.? John Crawford m. Almy Whipple Dec. 20, 1715.
m. 2nd Robert Gibbs, b. in Boston, descended from Sir Henry Gibbs of Dorset Eng. d. in Prov. June 29, 1769 in 73rd y. and both bu[ried] No[rth] B[urying] G[round]
174 Christopher born at Prov., Sept. 14, 1701 Died young.
Mary born at Prov., Apr. 9th, 1704 Mar Capt C. Barden
175 Christopher born at Prov., Mar 6th 1706/7
Amey m. Gibbs (see page 234 Old Rec.)
p. 40, middle of page, Joseph Whipple and family:
Joseph Whipple, (son of John Whipple No. 171, the noted bone setter,) was born in 1734. He was educated at Cambridge College, and then settled on a farm in Smithfield, R.I. He married Sarah Mawney. He died Jan. 6, 1816, aged 82 years. His wife died April 20th, 1820, aged 85 years.
176 William born at ----- 1750.
177 John born at ----- 1755. d. Dec. 21, 1811 in 56th y.
178 Samuel born at ----- 1757. d. Oct. 17, 1809 in 52nd y.
N[orth] B[urying] Ground
179 George Washington born at
And several daughters.
Elizabeth, d. Feb. 27, 1800, Aged 21y, 3m, 2d
Mehitable, d. Feb. 3, 1799, Aged 17y, 11m
Freelove d. Dec. 4, 1798, Aged 30y, 5d
Susannah d. May 27, 1797, in 22nd y[ear]
p. 40, paragraph about Joseph Whipple No. 173, at bottom of page, 3rd sentence:
He married Sarah Redwood and had 2 sons, 2 daus; one daughter married a Temple.
p. 40, notation in bottom margin:
Cesar N. Whipple eldest son of Col. Joseph W______ b. _____ in London. d. May 22, 1730. buried in North B.G. Prov.
p. 41, middle of page, entry for William Whipple:


William Whipple, No. 176, (son of Joseph Whipple of Smithfield) was born 1750. He lived in Smithfield and was a farmer. He was a soldier in the American Revolution of 1776. He died July 5, 1820, aged 65 years. His wife['s] name was Abigail. She died Nov. 16, 1818, aged 64 years.
p. 41, entry for General John Whipple, toward bottom of page:
General John Whipple No. 177, (son of Joseph Whipple of Smithfie[l]d,) was born in 1755, and died Dec. 21, 1811, in [his] 56[th] year. He was a merchant and resided in Providence, and kept a dry goods store on North Main street. He was a very smart, active man, and a great lover of fishing and hunting, and it was said he was the best marksman of any in his day. His wife's name was Naomi. She died Feb. 18, 1827, aged 82 years. They had no children.
p. 42, top of page, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th complete sentences:
He died Oct. 17, 1809, aged 52 years. He married Deborah Jencks, of Smithfield. She died Nov. 1, 1831, aged 75 years.
p. 42, first family listed (above George Washington Whipple's entry):
180 Jencks born at ----- 1782. Died April 9th, 1803, in 21st year, at the Island of Martinique
181 John born at ----- Oct. 22d, 1784.
They had one daughter who married Ephraim Talbot.
Joanna d. Oct. 22, 1784. Aged 3y, 10m, 11d.
Joanna d. Aug. 26, 1832 in 36 year.
p. 45, top of page, information on Jonathan Whipple and family:


*Jonathan Whipple No. 9, (youngest son of Captain John Whipple No. 1, who settled at Providence[)], was born at Providence about 1664. He died Sept. 8, 1721, aged about 57 years. His first wife's name was Margary Angell; and the second's Anna, d. Mch. 5, 1724/5.
189 Jonathan born at Prov. Feb. 22, 1691. d. Aug. 6, 1741. m. Amey Thornton Oct. 24, 1717
190 Thomas born at Prov. ???. 26, 1694. m. Naomi Dexter Apr. 18, 1720
Sarah born at Prov. m. Sam[ue]l Irons, May 3, 1709
Marjary born at Prov. m. (2) Peter Barnes
Parrataine born at Prov. m. Peter White
Mary d. of Margaret born at Prov. m. Wm. Hammon
Alice born at Prov.
Grand Son. Jonathan Hammon.
p. 45, marginal notes in near the above entries on Jonathan Whipple and his family:
Will Book 2. Page 119. Jonathan d. Sept. 8, 1721.
Will Page 215 speaks of dau. in law Mary Hammon [illegible: & br[other?]] Ch. William Jonathan Thomas.
p. 45, middle of page, last sentence of paragraph on Jonathan Whipple Jr.:
He married Amy Thornton, of Providence, Oct. 24, 1770 1717. Freeman Oct. 1720.
p. 45, last child Jonathan 191, at bottom of page (above footnote):
191 Jonathan, born at Providence Dec. 8th, 1723. d. Nov. 5, 1805. m. Anna ---- who d. Oct. 29, 1910, aged 91.
p. 46, note at top of page, next to heading for Thomas Whipple:
Freeman Oct. 1720.
p. 46, third sentence in first paragraph (about Thomas Whipple):
He married Naomi Dexter, the daughter of John Dexter, April 18, 1720.
p. 46, two notes attached to second paragraph (about Thomas Whipple, Jr.):
m. Anne d[aughter] of Christopher Harris of Johnston.
See Johnston Wills I. 134.
p. 46, bottom of page, family of Thomas Whipple no. 195:
Glourener born at N. Prov. Mar. 23, 1791. Mar. G. Carpenter.
Martha Ann born at N. Prov. Oct. 10, 1793. unmarried
Amey born at N. Prov. June 5, 1796. Mar. Welcome Arnold
Sarah born at N. Prov. July 19, 1798. Mar. Horatio Loring.
196 Thomas Jefferson born at N. Prov. Nov. 30, 1800
Julia Ann born at N. Prov. April 19, 1805. Married Asa Barney
197 James Madison born at N. Prov. Jan. 8, 1809. unmarried
p. 47, top of page, information on Thomas J. Whipple:


Thomas J. Whipple, No, 196, (son of Thomas Whipple No. 195,) was born November 30th, 1800, and died May 14th, 1868, aged 67 years. He lived about half a mile west of the Wainscott Woolen Mill in North Providence, and owned a cotton or woolen mill west of his house. His first wife was Susannah Cowing, and his second Charlotte Merchant.
198 George born July 9th, 1837. Lives [in] Chicago, Ill.
199 John C. born June 1st, 1839. unmarried
200 Charles Mortimer born Dec. 31, 1841. Marr. Emily J. French
Mary E. born Mar. 10th, 1843. unmarried
Caroline A. born Feb. 1st, 1844. died young
By 2d wife:
201 Henry Franklin born Nov. 18th, 1849.
202 Albert born Sept. 22d, 1851. Died March 14th, 1855
p. 47, note in bottom margin:
Sarah Whipple widow of George d. Feb. 2, 1816, in 76y (N[orth] B[urying] G[round])
p. 48, entry for William Whipple and his family:
[Note: The "corrections" written by hand indicate that William No. 170 is the son of William No. 5. Correspondence from Joanne Lahr-Kreischer indicates that the original is correct--William No. 170 is actually the son of David No. 7.]


*William Whipple, No. 170, (son of William Whipple No. 5, of Providence,) was born May 29th, 1685. He died -----, aged -----. He settled on a farm in Smithfield, R.I., (now the town of Lincoln,) on the road that leads from Providence to Worcester, Mass. He lived in a small house which stood a little east of the road not far from the Lime Rock. He had the largest family of any of the Whipples on record. His wife's name was Elizabeth.
Mary born Feb. 20th, 1714/15
Elizabeth born May 26th, 1716
Jemima born Oct. 4th, 1717.
Amy (Amey) born Oct. 24th, 1718.
205 William born Nov. 11, 1719.
Mercy (Marcy) born Mar. 15th, 1721.
206 Jeremiah born 19 May 20th, 1722.
Hopey born Apr. 28th, 1723.
207 John born May 7th, 1724.
208 Anthony born Apr. 9th, 1724. d. July 11, 1751
Sarah born Oct. 10th, 1726.
209 Benjamin born June 2d, 1728.
210 Moses born Jan. 31, 1729/30
211 Joseph born Apr. 18th, 1731. d. Dec. 27, 1760
Amey born May 31, 1732.
212 Eleazer born Jan. 20, 1733/4
Hannah born May 2, 1735.
[Footnote is crossed out, and "Error" is noted in margin at left.]
p. 48, note in bottom margin:
Esther, 2nd wife of William Whipple d. July 29, 1757, b. in North B.G. Prov.
p. 49, correction to Amy Clark's year of birth, in paragraph on Libbeus Whipple:
She was born July 20th, 1800.
p. 53, beginning of paragraph on Commodore Abraham Whipple:
Com. Abraham5 Whipple (Noah4, Noah3, Samuel2, John1), was born Sept. 26, 1733, at Providence R.I. ... He married Sarah Hopkins, niece to Gov. Stephen, and Com. Eseck Hopkins.
p. 53, added at end of paragraph on Commodore Abraham Whipple:
Had a son John6. Sarah (Hopkins), wife of Abraham Whipple, d. at Marietta, Ohio, Oct. 14, 1818, aged 78. (Prov. Gazette.) Miss Mary Whipple, sister of Abraham, d. at Marietta O. Sept 12, 1805.
p. 55, beginning of paragraph on Samuel Whipple:
*Samuel2 Whipple, Sen., son of John1, one of the early settlers of Providence town was b. in Dorchester, bap. Mch. 17, 1744. most probably an Englishman by birth, as the name is an English name. At what time he came to this country is not known.
p. 55, at end of paragraph on Samuel Whipple:
He gave land to his son Noah, May 8, 1695.
Children: Noah. d. Nov. 10, 1703. m. Susannah.
[Note: On the photocopy, Samuel's will that occupies pp. 55-57 appears "whited out."]
p. 57, 4th sentence of the paragraph on Samuel Whipple:
He married Elizabeth Eddy.
p. 57, note added in bottom margin:
Noah Whipple the son of Noah Whipple ([illegible] of Susannah his wife) was borne at Providence, on Saturday, December 18, 1697.
p. 60, top of page (in the paragraph on Eleazer Whipple begun at the bottom of the previous page):
... He was born in Smithfield, R.I. England. At what time he came to this country is not known.
p. 60, last sentence of paragraph on Eleazer (at top of page):
He married Deliverance(4) Rhodes (d. of Resolved(3), John(2), Zachery(1)) of Pawtuxet.
p. 60, family of Eleazer Whipple:
(Page 199 Book 2)
Mary born Jan. 25, 1744/45
James born at Warwick July 23, 1747 d. Dec 13, 1825
Isabel born at Warwick
Alice Eliza? born at Warwick Oct. 28, 1749
} Twins, born 1753. Town Record says May 1, 1751. Error
Almy born at Warwick, Oct. 8, 1760
Mary Polly? born at Warwick, Sept 27, 1751 d. Jan 8, 1776, in 24th year
Deliverance born at Warwick
p. 60, at end of paragraph on James Whipple:
d. Aug. 20, 1825 in 78 year [probably refers to Mary Harris' death date?]
both buried at Pawtuxet
p. 60, bottom of page, last two sentences of paragraph on Job Whipple:
He was an industrious farmer and married the widow Patt (formerly Patience Stafford, d. of Thos. Stafford) for his first wife. His second was Ruth Stone.
p. 61, family of Job Whipple at top of page:
Mary born at Warwick June 10th 1774. Mar. Christopher Hill.
James born at Warwick Oct. 27th 1777. Settled in Foster.
John born at Warwick Sept. 25th 1779. d. 1815
Almy born at Warwick 1785. Mar. Omsbee Hill, d. Amy Hill
[Bracked note "1st W[ife]" in margin referring to above 4 children indicates
that the following are children of the second wife?]
Patience Potter born at Warwick Sept. 27th 18[illegible] Mar. M. Nichols. 18[illegible]
Resolved Rhodes Mar. 6th 1805. Mar. Ruth Dyer.
Sarah Phillips July 10th 1809. Mar. Russel Arnold.
[In margin left of Resolved Rhodes is the notation "Cahoo[n?]e"]
p. 61, middle of page (between James' and John's entries):
Will at Foster
p. 62, top of page, addition to entry for Joseph, 6th child of Joseph Whipple:
Joseph born at ------. m. Sept. 14, 1846 Mary E. Baker. 2nd Wife.
p. 62, middle of page, addition to entry for Cromwell, oldest child of Thomas Whipple:
Cromwell. m. April 25, 1842. Hannah, d. of Rufus Matteson.
p. 63, addition to entry for John E., last child of Christopher Whipple:
John E. born at Coventry. d. April 29, 1907.
p. 63, note in middle of page (after word "FINIS," seemingly unrelated to other information):
Resolved Rhodes
son Job R.