Genealogical web sites can be rich information sources for identity thieves. As identity theft has increased, the Whipple Website's privacy policies have tightened. We continue to evaluate our policies regarding living individuals and the Whipple Database.

It is our policy not to include names, dates and places for living individuals in the Whipple Database. (Exceptions are sometimes made for well-known individuals whose biographical information is easily available in published books and articles.)

As you gather information about Whipple descendants to submit to the Whipple Website, please respect the privacy of living relatives whose information you are about to submit.

When we receive information about living individuals, we attempt to "tag" them as living in our database, which prevents them from appearing in the database. When we encounter un-tagged living individuals in our database, we immediately tag them. If you find yourself appearing in the Whipple Database, please notify the webmaster immediately! We will try to comply with your request to hide your information within 24 hours (except when the webmaster is on vacation or out of town, etc.)

We continue to evaluate our privacy policies.

How can I view my own information?

The software that manages the Database of the Whipple One-Name Study provides a way for living individuals to view their own information and the information of their close relatives.

Follow these steps:

To see your own information, you must register with the database and follow these specific steps:

  1. Visit the database at
  2. Click on "Register for a User Account"
  3. Follow the prompts to register for a user account.
  4. In the registration notes, tell us that you want to see your close relatives. (The webmaster will make adjustments to let you view your close relatives. When the adjustments are complete, the webmaster will notify you. It might take several days.)

Additionally, you must exist in the database

In order to view personal information about you and your close relatives, you will need to exist in the database. (In order for the database to identify your close relatives, it will need to know who you are and where you exist in the database.)

I've already registered and am in the database. Now what?

If you have already registered with the database and are in the database, send an email to the webmaster. asking to be authorized to see your personal information. In your email, include:

  • Your name
  • Your username (that you used to register in the database.)
  • The name and other information about your nearest deceased ancestor, which we can use to locate your ancestor in the database.

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