Letter: Edson Whipple to Brother of the Fraternity

Letter: Edson Whipple to Brother of the Fraternity

Brother of the Fraternity

I wrote you a letter last week and sent it by Bro. Struper.

Having seen Brother Small, I have something more to write.

I intend going on a mission in the spring and would like to have you go along with me. I think I shall be ready to start the first of May, although I am somewhat in debt. I owe thirty-seven dollars to Bigler.

The man I bought of Brother Eastman became very much dissatisfied and said he thought I was trying to wrong him. I know not what reason he has to think so. Unless, after giving him half the crops and doing all the heavy work--such as digging and storing in the cellar. Also hewing and hauling timber and running errands day and night I would not let him have the land for nothing. But so it is. I say let it be God to judge between him and me.

Bro. Smith says he thinks you would like to go along with me. If so, I will call at St. Louis for you. I have in my mind to go into Susquehanna Co., Penn. or start for that place I want to stop in Delaware County, Ohio a little bit.

Bro. Chamberlain, can you lend me fifteen or twenty dollars? I shall have to pay for my land before I go. And unless you can spare me a little I know not how I shall raise it.

If you go with me, you need not take much money along. After we leave the water I will engage the _______.

We will preach our way. If we can't pay our way by preaching, if you lend me the money, I will do the begging.

If you lend me the money and do not come to Nauvoo yourself, you will please send it by someone.

Please write and let me know if you will go with me, and if there is help for the widow's son.

Yours in haste,