Letter: Edson Whipple to Elder J.P. Newton

Letter: Edson Whipple to Elder J.P. Newton

Nauvoo, August 5th, 1845

Elder J. P.. Newton, Sir:

Some fifteen months have rolled by into eternity never to be recalled since we shook the parting hand. Many things of importance to us individuals has transpired since that time and not to us alone by to all men and more especially this nation who in my humble opinion have done that which will bring swift destruction upon them as a nation. I mean by the rejecting and killing of the Prophets of the last days. They have killed the man, who if this nation had received his counsel would have saved them from the destruction that now awaits them.

They have killed the man that has laid a foundation that cannot be countermanded and broken up and given in to the hands of another. A kingdom that shall not be given to other men.

Elder Newton, how often have we conversed of the broad foundation he has laid for the restoration of all things and of the measures adopted by him?