The 1662 Hearth Tax Returns for Ploughley Hundred area in Oxfordshire

Donnette Stringham Smith



The 1665 Hearth Tax for Oxfordshire was published in Vol XXI in 1940 by the Oxfordshire Record Society. The society said that they published the 1665 returns because of the condition of the existing records even though there were more names listed in the 1662 returns.

For two mornings in September 1978 I copied parts of the 1662 Hearth Tax for northeast Oxfordshire at the Public Record Office in London from the official Exchequer record (Lay Subsidy for 1662- 164/504), and also from the Petty Constablesís Returns for 1662 (E179,255/4). I wasnít able to return to recheck them but did check the names against the 1665 returns and many of the parish registers.

The official [Lay Subsidy] 1662 record is on heavy parchment in long sheets about 36 inches long and 8 inches wide, written on both sides. The whole thing is then rolled up. There are large gouges torn out of both sides of all the sheets in the middle, and the bottom fourth of the last quarter of the pages is lost. The official Hearth Tax is filed by Hundreds, with Ploughley being near the end. The script was one with which I was not familiar but which I could decipher very slowly by comparing it with a copy of the printed 1665 copy.

The Petty Constablesí Returns were the individual lists made by each parish constable and sent to the government officials who then copied them onto the official returns. The Petty Constablesí Returns were on loose pieces of paper of differing sizes, in the ordinary script of the time, which I was able to read more easily. The Petty Constables Returns were not in strict order by Hundred and many parishes were missing.

Where the official record recorded many widows only by surname, the Constableís Returns often listed their Christian names, too.

I did not find Newton Purcell in either of the 1662 returns. Merton and Arncot were only in the Official returns and accidentally were not copied though had I meant to.

The following parishes were copied - with indications which record was used.

Copied from Constableís Returns - or Official Returns

[The Ardley record was dated Oct 16, 1662]

Ambrosden OR
Ardley CR
Bicester CR & OR
Blackthorn OR
Bletchingdon CR
Bucknell CR
Charlton CR
Fencott CR
Murcott CR
Chesterton CR & OR
Cottesford CR
Finmere CR
Fringford CR
Fritwell CR
Goddington CR
Hampton Gay CR
Hampton Poyle CR
Heyford Bridge CR
Caldicot CR
Heyford Warren CR
Hethe CR
Islip CR
Kirtlington CR
Launton CR & OR
Middleton Stoney CR
Mixwell & Fullwell CR
Noke CR
Oddington CR
Piddington OR
Somerton CR
Souldern CR
Stoke Lyne CR & OR
Stratton Audley CR
Shelswell CR
Hardwick CR
Tusmore CR
Wendlebury CR & OR
Weston on the Green OR

Forgot to copy

Newton Purcell - didnít find it

I could not find 1662 Constables Returns for- Arncot, Ambrosden, Blackthorn, Merton, Newton Purcell, & Piddington

Copied 1662 Official Returns

Stoke Lyne
Weston on the Green

[Couldnít find Goddington in Official return]

Ardley Hearth Tax 1662 Constableís Returns dated Oct 16, 1662

Mr. Lionel Piggot, Rector
John Grantham
Richard Grantham
tenants to Ralph Marshall
Ralph Ford [Foord]
Thomas Adames
Thomas King
William Morton
John Grantham
Jonathan Lucas
John Matly [Matley]
William Tanner
Thomas King, constable

(Only two names are on the Official 1662 Hearth Tax for Ardley. The rest of the page is missing.)

Ambrosden 1662 Official Returns

(Not found in Petty Constables Returns)
Francis Mildmay, Esq.
John Williams
Thomas Churchill [Church]
John Alley
William Kirby
Elizabeth Robert widow
Anne Ally
John Evans?
Bythus? .....?

Arncot - found on page 27 R in Official returns but I forgot to copy

I didnít find it in Petty Constables Returns

Blackthorn Hearth Tax 1662 Official Returns

William Walker 3
Ann Hart wid 3
Thomas Croxton 1
John Croxton 1
William Croxton 1
Thomas Smyth 2
Widow Kirby 1
John Clarke 1
Michael Grey 1
Widow Ingram
William Tompkins
Geffrie Smyth 4
Thomas Cooper 3
William Syrett 2
Thomas Staunton 2
Rhomas Roberts 1
Widow Ilfly 1
Widow Gray 2
Widow Hart 1
Thomas Thornton jr. 1
Thomas Thornton sen 2
John Marsh 3
Michael Roberts 3
Henry Turpin 3
Widow Rigbee 2
Thomas Jones 2
William Clan 1
Robert George 2
Alice Waklin wid 1
Anne Smyth 1
John Jones 3
James Parry 2
Thomas Payne 2
William Allen 3
John Tompkins 2
John Staunton 3

Bletchingdon 1662 Petty Constables Returns

[the names in brackets as they appeared in the 1665 Hearth Tax]

The Lord Anglesay
The Lady Cockwell
Dr. William Holder
Edward Silverside
William Collier
John Spindle [Spindler]
John Prmer (sic)[Palmer]
Michael Coart [Kent]
Richard Ceant [Kent]
Richard Parrott
William Annoson [Aimson]
Thomas Everly [Edgerly gent]
Robert Wells
Hugh Smyth
Edward Coles [Coales]
Richard Harris
Thomas Mathews [Mathewes]
Giles Jenkines [Jenkins]
Richard Muchen [Minchin]
Edward Morton [Marton]
Richard Dennett
John Godbe [Godly]
Francis Craford
John Cannard
Wid. Basly
John Ledwell
Bartholmew Pime
John Pricket
Widow Morton
Francis Milson
Henry Varney

Bicester Kings End 1662 Hearth Tax Returns

John Coker
Alice Bolter
Radus Clement [Ralph Clement]
Robert Oakely [Okely]
Christopher Hanwell
Anne Symes wid.
Jasper Penne
Richard Haywood
[a hole in paper] Wilooye
John Smith
John Wilson

Bicester Market End

1662 Hearth Tax Returns - Official and Constableís Returns - combined and alphabetized
[Petty Constables Returns on page 69r]
Richard Adams
William Antwissle
Richard Barnes
Litice Bateman
Abel Batraham
William Bates
Richard Baillyes
Roger Bayles
Walter Baylies sen
Walter Baylies jun
John Beck
Wid. Beast
William Bly
Widow Bley
Francis Blower
Henry Bowler
Thomas Beckley
Joseph Broome
Thomas Broome
Thomas Burges
Egidus Burnham
John Burrows
Robert Carver
Egidus Churchill
Robert Churchill
Richard Clarke
Edward Clarke
Richard Clements
Thomas Clements (name twice)
John Cooper
Samuell Cooper
Richard Cross sen.
(---?) Cross jun
Thomas Crosly
John Chillingworth
John Deely sen
John Deely jr.
Wid. Edwards
Richard Dewe
James Dodd (name twice)
John Dormer
Ellis Edwards
John Edwards
Richard Ewer
Robert Ewer
Gabriel Flood
Francis Foster
Thomas Franklin
John Glynn
Seth Golding
Robert Goulding (name twice)
Richard Grantham
Thomas Grantham
Edward Grinds
Henry Gurden
Thomas Harris
John Harte
Widow Hawkins
Jeremiah Hodges
Nicholas Howland
Thomas Hues
Humphrey Hunt
George Hide
Samuel Hanly
Adrian Jackman
Edward Jeffes
Richard Johns
Thomas Kinge
Nicholas Lock
Widdow Ledding
Edward Lepper
Christopher Linny
Thomas Lumley
Mathew Lilliat
John Mason
Edward Masey
John May
John Medcalfe
Wid. Mallings
Edward Masey
Thomas Nottingham
Edward Payne
Thomas Parslowe
Charles Parker
Thomas Phillip
William Potter
John Sanders
Thomas Sayer
Robert Sheires
George Sherman
John Smith
Paul Smith (name twice)
Richard Smith
George Sumner
John Southam
Richard Stevens
Anthony Stevens
Thomas Stedman
Richard Sulton
William Swift sen
William Swift jun
Mary Swinshead
Ralph Syms
Richard Twyn (?)
Francis Tims
Ralph Wall
John Wall
Jeremiah West
William Webb
Richard Wilson
Allan Wotton
Thomas Wooton

Bucknell Hearth Tax 1662 Petty Constablesí Returns

Samuell Trotman
John Gardner
Thomas Kinge
John Stevens
John Lyne
John Vesey
Thomas Poole
Edward Stone
Richard Yates
William Isard
James Baker
Robert Line
William Robins
William Freeman
Thomas Ganniman
Thomas Dickison
Thomas Brocke
Edward Veisey
Martha Abbat
William Abbat
John Terrey
Richard Freeman
Paul Windell
Thomas Kinge constable

Charlton on Otmoor - 1662 Hearth Tax - Petty Constables Returns

John Lamploe
Edmond & Mary Alley together 4
Peter Kirby
Hugh Thurston
Ralph Kirby & John Richardson 4
Oliver Pangborne
William Dickinson
Henry Poole
Christopher Squires (Sheere, Sheen, & Sheeves in PR)
Nicholas Witt
John Phillips
John Brian (Burren & Brian in PR)
Alice Kirby wid
Ann Day
Thomas Ingrame
Richard Burrow
Bridget Kirby 4
William Smith
Robert Min
Jane Witham wid
William Bateman
John Borne

Fencott 1662 Hearth Tax - Petty Constables Returns

William Gatman
Widow Biggs
Widdow Cooper the elder
Widdow Cooper the younger
John Bignall sen
John Bignall jun.
Widow Bartlett
Widow Brukled
Widow Aveling
Widow Ausband
Widow Kirby
Widow Sym
Widow Clower
Jonathan Ward
John Busby constable

Murcott - 1662 Hearth Tax -Petty Constables Returns

Samuel Gilder
John Alley
John Wyatt
George Blake
Robert Howlett
John Cooper
Thomas Wyatt
Joyce Burrin widdow
Anthony Truluck
Robert Blake
Thomas Deely
William Parker
With(--?) Alley
John Howlett
Thomas Hollyer

Chesterton - 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constable Returns

Mr. Walton
Earl of Linsey
Robert Snow
Thomas Hicks
William Jarvice
Richard Harvey
Phillip French
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Bartlett
Alice Maund iii
Richard Barrett
Thomas Walton
John Jenkins
William Fellowes
John Kerry
Edward Tannor
Dorothy Porter
Ro. Allan
Wm. Bull
Isabel Smith iii
Mary Haukins
John Hyde
Jo. Hedges
Wm. Priest
Christopher Mathews
Alice Louch
Mr. Lewis
Joh Ward
Tho. Walton

Chesterton 1662 Hearth Tax Official Returns [Top of list worn off]

Rich Barrett ii
Thomas Walton i
John Jenkins i
William Fellows i
Porter wid i
Smith wid iii
Hawkins widow iii
John Hedges i
William Priest i
Christopher Mathews iii
---Louch widow i
John Ward i
(blank) Wells ii

Cottesford 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Returns

John Heart gent
Elizabeth Cadwallinga
Thomas Haydon (Minister 1662)
Walter Saunders
Lydia Deynell widdow
William Frankinge
John Abotes
Richard Bishell

Finmere 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Returns

William Keate gent
Richard Horne clerke
Thomas Smyth
High Chennils
Thomas Archer
Bridget Topin widow
John Waddup ii
Henry Jones
John Jones
Barnaby Chattwin
William Addington
John George
John Whestly
Edmand Yates
George Watts
Richard Edwards (constable)
Peter Paxton
Edward Archer
William Paxton
Thomas Harvie
Athanatius Midleton
William Ares
Thomas Jarvis
Widdow Jarvis
Richard Garner
Richard _oppin (?)
Edward Midleton
John Walls

Fringford 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Mr. Jonn Bayley
Henry Addington
William Addington
Thomas Savage
Thomas Coxe
Thomas Newell
Widow Finmore
Jonn Russell
Thomas Thorpe
Thomas Shakerly
George Hawtin
Francis Poullen
Giles Stutsbury
William Smith
John Smith
Thomas Pendon
Richard Pendon
William Barrett
Richard Ladyman
Thmas Ladyman
Thoms Peake
Richard Coles
Richard Pavin
Richard Holton
Stephen Mercer
Robert Stop
John Grantham
Thomas Warner
William Hayward
William Spratly
Richard Day
Widow Peake
Widow Shuttfield
George Stephens
William Mouldon

Fritwell 1662 Hearth Tax - Petty Constables Returns

Samuel Sands esqr.
Thomas Sanders
Robert Kilby
John Wise
John Colly
Mrs. Jackman
Robert Wells
Edward Hobcroft
John Hobcroft
Mathew Kilbie
John Radcott
George Harris
Widow Wells
Richard George
John Nicholson
William Nicholson
Nicholas Andrews
William Davis
John Gibson
John Hickes
William King
Widow Wise
William Grace
Thomas Bartlet
Thomas Tomkins
Robert Druce
Richard Hiccocke
Ric. Fox
John Padgett sen
Humphrey Franklin
Raph Hiccock
William Harvie
Hugh Gasey
Allebone Johnson
William Nuat? Or Neat?
William Hobcroft
William Rand
William Andrews
Raphe Laurence
Henry Mitchell

Goddington 1662 Petty Constables Returns

---Cooker gent
William Hawkins
John Wav (Ware?)
Hugh Paxton
William Tomkins
Widow Bouton
James (--iday?)
William Hobkines

Hampton Gay 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Christopher Bary gent
Mr. Edward Belsome
John Dennett
Robert Springall
Ann Gilkes
Ladie Fermer
Widor Springall
William Clarke
Thomas Gwavyre (?)
John Thompson

Hampton Powell (Hampton Poyle) 1662 Petty Constables Returns

John West Esqr.
William Skinner
Edward Godby
Thomas Toms
Steven Dennett
Jo. Gaunt iiii
Richard Silverside
Edward Greene
John London
James Scott
John Ford
Richard Johnson
Mr. Weston iii
Thomas Perry
Jo. [Apters ?]
Christopher Preplut (?)
Roger Hailes

Hayford at Bridge (or Lower Heyford) 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Mr. John Dodd
Gabriell Merry (named twice)
John Sheers
Samuell Merry
James Sheers
Thomas Kinge
John Francklyn
Thomas Bruce
William Bruce
William Min sen.
William Min jr.
Gabriell Jordaine - constable
Francis Norton
William Paine
Henry Parker
Hortatius Merry
Bridgett Merry wid
Richard Elkins
Thomas Ward
Ann Elfrit wid.
John Elfrit
James Trepages
Edward King
John Larance
Robert Howse
James Templer
Michael Upston
John Marsh
William Varney
Charles Paine
John Paine
John Barret - taler
John Barret - wean

Callicott 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Returns [Caulcott - part of Lower Heyford]

Castell Brangwin
Robert Barrett
Henry King
Elizabeth Hobkins
Thomas Keene

Heyford Warren or Upper Heyford 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Mr. Hungerford
Gabriell Merry
John Rogers
John Hore
William Haines 4
William Haines 3
Edward Rogers 4 (constable)
Thomas Lawrence
Robert Tanner
Peter Cole
William Gough
James Fletcher
Thomas Merrick
Richard Gassey
William Rose
John House
Anthony Cockins
Ferdinando Goughe
Robert Howse
Michael Browne

Hethe Hearth Tax - 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Mr. Evans Minister
Mrs. Abigail Evans
Robert Creed
Richard Petty
Alexander Petty
Thomas Merser
Edward Hearne
Henry Hearne
Susana Hearne
Anthony Quanton
Thomas Philipe
Richard Webb
Robert Whitehead
John Whitehead
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Watson
Elizabeth Shackerly widow
John Warre
Richard Hitchcock
Ursula Dadford
Hugh Elinoe
William May
Jonah Parker
Poor -
Issah Mosee
Thomas Blake
John Swinburne
Widow Watson
Robert Cripe
Widow Webb
Thomas Turvell
Richard Stevenson
Richard Palton
Barnett Cheyney
Toogo Evans
Widow Evans
Widow Davis
Widow Billson
William Berrett
John Joan (?)
Widow Smith
William Justice
William Batcheller
Richard Hitchcock jun.
Edward Silver
William Randell

Islip Hearth Tax 1662 Petty Constables Returns

William Stevens
Roger Sander
Richard Young
Thomas Pickstook
Ephriam Lane
Mr. Gilder
Henry Druce (or Drice)
James Lustars
Mrs. Brewer
William Francis
Mr. Thomas Hinton
Mr. Bolt
William Augar
William Bond
Ralph Darby
Ralph Smith
Thomas Smith
John Rowland
Robert Pryer
Richard Deely
John Aston
Jonn Tredwell
William Tidmarsh
Peter Flexney
Thomas Tredwell
John Hawkes
Widow Bolt
John Smith
Widow Osborne
Widow Young
Jeremiah Coop
George Pen
Henry Hidler
Richard Booden
Christopher George
Mr. Warding
Henry Harwell
James Foord
William Howse
Henry Davis
Wid. Sherenah (?)
Robert Vervin
Widow Bayly
Widow Merench (?)
Henry Munday
Mrs. Shertstcol?
Richard East
John Pangbourne
Steven Kent
Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Dennett
Richard Rooke
Thomas Batchelor
Edmund Crofts
Christopher Burgan
Bartholomew Bird
Ralph Harwell
Richard Silversides
Ralph Roges
Richard Varney
John Walker
Justinian (or Justndan?)Varney
Matthew Brown

Kirtlington 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Anthony Fennimore constable
Mr. Lenthall [Thomas Lenthall, gent in 1665 Hearth Tax]
Mr. Goodall [Benj. Goodall, Viccar in 1665 Hearth Tax]
Mr. Medlicant [Thomas Medlicott, gent in 1665 Hearth Tax]
Thomas Ewin sen
Justinian Walker
Richard Tasker
Widow Smith
Richard Walker sen
Richard Jenning
Widow Hawkins
Thomas Barrett
William Hall in Grene
William Hall Boxtree
John Chamberlain
Widow Venemore
Augustine Pouchell
Widdow Franklin
Mrs. Chamberlaine
John Croker
Thomas Sarne
William Twitchin
Richard Hawkins
Anthony Jenings
John Walton
Francis Slater
Will Hall Talton
Thomas Turner
Widow Butler
Christopher Benson
Thomas Hall
William Cronton (Crouton or Croxton?)
Richard Chamberlaine
Thomas Carpenter
John Phew or Chew (?)
Widdow Jenkins (or Jerkins)
Francis Flite
Duke Butler
Widow Prior
Henry Ebborn
Widow Brian
Thomas Tolly
Ralph Berne
Widow Martin
John Hollier
Edward Hall
Henry Bull
Richard Walker jr.
John Bath jr.
Richard Woodward
John Bull
Thomas Ewin jr.
Thomas Suretman
Richard Jakeman
Edward Robins
John Bath sen.
Richard Bath
Widow Walton
Joseph Sutton
Robert Bennet
Thomas Hawkins
Anthony Day
John Ellyman
Richard Hall
Roger Warner

Launton, Oxon, Hearth Tax 1662 Constableís Returns

Robert Bishop of Oxon
William Okley
William Cottesford gent
William Ewer gent
William Deeley
Thomas Times
Thomas Saunders
William Freeman
James Shirt
William Parker
Richard Deane
Widow Allen
Henry Jarvis
Edward Gome
William Coles
William Allen
Robert Shipton
Edward Curtis
John Walker
Thomas Simon
William Oliver
Thomas Butler
John Jarvis
John Coles
Alex Barnatt
Widow N--on? (or Na--m?)
George Steward
John Scott
Richard Henn
Michael Allen
Geogre Jeffs
William Marratt
Widow Stevnes
Richard Paxton
Thomas Hedges
Thomas Garner
Thomas Meades
John Welch
John Henn
Nicholas Webb
Mathew Harris
William Hudson
John Burgese
Jonn Paxton
John Clarke
William James

Launton 1662 Official List - Lay Subsidy

Robert Bishopp of Oxon
William Okley
William Cottesford gent
William Ewer gent
William Deely
Thomas Saunders
William Freeman
James Shurt
William Parker ii
Richard Deane
(blank) Allme widow iii
Ralph Gome
William Coles i
William Allme
Robert Shyrton
John Walker ii
William Oliver
Thomas Butler
John Jarvis
John Coles
George Steward
Edward Coles (?)
John Symons ii
(hole in parchment) eyns (?) Barnett
____ham widow
(rest torn off bottom)

Middleton Stoney - 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Returns

Nicholas Harman Esq.
Henry Standard gent
Michael Hughes sen. gent
James Harren clerk
John Land sen.
William Hide
William Coney
John Land jr.
Michael Hughes jr.
Rich. Redhead
Thomas Smith
Tho. Harris
John Smith
Nicholas Tymes
Richard Payne
John Hawkins
John Look
John Scott
Thomas Barrett
Edwd. Richardshon
Thomas Maund
Thomas Nicholes
Michael Smith
Simon Smith
William Smith
Thomas Morris
William George
George Smith
William Hawkins
not paying
Griffin Hawkins
Widdo [Joan] Cockow
Thomas Tymes
Anne Hawkins
Anne Taylor
Darces Lucket
Christian Franklin
[Wm] Williames
Amy Barnsdale
Amy Carter
Joyce Tymes
Elizabeth Morris
[names in parenthesis from parish register]

Mixbury & Fullwell Hearth Tax 1662 Constablesís Returns

Wellsborne Sill Esqr.
Mr. Hart
Thomas Gibbs
Christopher Wheatly
Robert Creed
Thomas Gibbs
Hugh Tredwell
Silvester Wellicomb
Widdow Hakes
Thomas Bateman
John Foskett
John Hancocke
John Richards
George Wheatly
William Creed
George Rycard
Edward Wellicomb
John Wheatly
George Gibbs
Richard Strange
Goodwife Ellat
Goodwife Richardson
John Allen
Mrs. Bridget Ford
Thomas Blunt
Elizabeth Issey
Francis Bateman
Henry Wakelin
Richard Creek constable
Jane Wyton
Elizabeth Rycard
Thmas Wellicomb

Noke Hearth Tax 1662 Petty Constables Returns

Benedict Hall Esqr.
Francis Hall
Thomas Hawkins
Widdow Durrand
Thomas Smith
John Quartermaine
John Mercer
Ralph Steele
John Hine
John House
John Harper
Widdow Johnson
John Flexman
Widdow Flexman
John Jonson
Ellis Jonson
Widow Moore
John Fuller
Josias Warland
(blank) Day
Widow Tomkins
Thmas Andrews

Oddington Hearth Tax 1662 Petty Constablesí Returns

Dr. Browne
John Browne sen.
Richard Walker
Richard Lambe
Henry Sherwood
Robert Meades
(blank) Haines
Richard Pullin
Mr. Iron 4
John Brown
Richard Walker
Richard Lee
Widow Berry
Thomas Payne
John Steele
Richard Burdgis

Piddington Hearth Tax 1662 Official List

Duke of Richmond
Henry Cox
Thomas Crook
Gabriell Allne
(blank) Chamberlin
(blank) Morgan
(blank) Kenells
Thomas Cave
Thomas Webb
Francis Walker
John Abram
John Stevens
Henry Reading
William Pilcerton
Thomas Hooke
Richard White
(blank) Slater widow
Thomas Holloway
Thomas Sanders
(blank) Trubee wid.
William Walker
William Stevens
Robert Johnson
Thomas Walker
John Herne
John Hunt
Richard Pine
Widdow Percifull
(blank) Abraham widow
Francis Gillcrist
William Gilcrist
John Copland
Thomas Grimes
(blank) White wid
William Radborne
Edgis Bodlye
Thomas Guntripe
Edgis Clark
Richard (Grooey?)
(Blank) Soke wid
William Bek
John Adame

Somerton Hearth Tax 1662 Constableís Returns - (very poor writing)

Henry Lord Arundell
Mr. Min
William Rogers
John Hore
Walter Day
Benet Clefert
Nicholas Hore constable
Mr. Sanders
William Sanders
Mr. Doten
Thomas Smith
William Hall
Edward Colinding
William Corcellewell (?)
Simon Hore
Henry East
Simon Tomkings
Bottichy (?) Benet
Edward Fenemore
Widow Bricker (?)
Robert Whaby
John Cobin (?)
Robert Minton
John Hall
Thomas Hall

Souldern Hearth Tax 1662 Constablesí Returns

Mr. Hodges gent
Barnard Weedon gent
Richard Kilby gent
Ferdinando Gough
James Browne
George Bower
John Dodwell elder
John Dodwell younger
Mrs. Watkins
George Southam
Robert Dodwell
Thomas Flecher
Widow Wellicome
John Hodges
Thomas Dodwell mercer
Thomas Dodwell husbandman
John Bignell
Robert Bignell
Widow King
Mary King
William Hale
John Shenstone
Edward Bower
Mary Gough
Crossed out: John Neale, John Collins

Stoke Lyne Hearth Tax 1662 Offical Return

(blank)Wynwood, gent viii
Ralph Holt x
Samuel Templer, gent iii
Ewstace Petty
Henry Witwell
Ralph Thornbury
(hole in return) Aldridge
Thomas Stuchbury iii
Lewis Blagrave i
Michaell Watts iii
Henry Stuchbury iii
Rice Terril
William Stanbridge i
Thomas Tanner
(hole in return) Hatyn
(hole in return) Newton
(hole in return) Harvey
(hole in return) (Segvon?) i
(hole in return) Togell? (or Hazell?) i
William (La--moe?) ii
Thomas Heydon i

Stoke Lyne 1662 Constables Returns

Mr. Winwood
Mr. Holt
Samuell Templer
Ewstace Petty
Henry Witwell
Rafe Thornbury
Henry Aldridge
Thomas Stuchbury
Mile Watts
Henry Stuchbury iii
Rice Terril
William Stanbridge
Thomas Tanner
William (T?)anner
George Heydon
Anthony Hattin
William Newton
Thomas Harvy
William (Cokstone?)

Stratton Audley 1662 Hearth Petty Constablesí Returns

Edward Bush gent
George Woddard gent
Mathew Skinner gent
Lewis Jones, clerk
Rowland Wilcox
Henry Bason
John Tugwood
William Tugwood
Edward Brookes
Elizabeth Hussey
John Tugwood sen
Margarett Mortimer widow
Edward Allday
Thomas Robins
Thomas Allome
Edward Pictum
Nicholas Stanbridge
William Jefferyes
John Bedwin
Robert Kinge
Edmund Earle
Henry Perkins
Edmund Brookes
Widow Carey
Thomas (Robmore?)
Thomas King
John Tugwood jun.
Another widow (sic)
[rest of page lost]

Shellswell 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constablesí Return

[1662 and 1665 have identical lists] Thomas Grantham
Widdow Hutton

Hardwick 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Return

[1662 and 1665 have identical lists]
Richard Farmer, esq
Thomas Cardwallinger, constable 1662
Thomas Robins

Tusmore 1662 Hearth Tax Petty Constables Return

[1662 and 1665 have identical lists]
Henry Farmer, Esq.

Wendlebury 1662 Hearth Tax 1662 Official Return

Matthew Bee, Rector 6
Henry Trafford 7
Anna Oakely, widow 1
John Honnor 1
Richard Hyde 2
William Horwood 2
Thomas Younge 1
Richard Dawson
Richard Maund 4
Stephen Heyward 1
Janae (or James) West 2
Thomas Roberts sen 3
Thomas Roberts jun 4
William Tredwell 2
George Tolley 1
William Vennimore
Thomas Robert butoler
John Woodcock
William Bartlett
Mariae Maund vidua
Mariae Hokes vidua
Maria Clarke vidua
John Tredwell
William (---tun?)
Wllliam Woodcock

Wendlebury 1662 Petty Constablesí Returns

Matthew Bee, minister 6
Henry Trafford 7
Nickolis Maund 4
Thomas Robarts sen 3
Thomas Robarts jr. 4
Mary Hicke 2
Mary Clarke 1
Jane West 2
Anne Oakeley 1
John Honnor 1
William Tredwell 2
George Falle 1
Mary Maund 1
John Tredwell 1
William Napton 1
William Horwood 2
Richard Hide 2
William Venemore 3
William Woodcoke 1
Steven Haywood 1
John Woodcocke 1
Richard Dawson 1
Thomas Young 1
Thomas Robarte bucher 2
William Bartlet 1
Nicholas Maund, constable

Weston on the Green 1662 Hearth Tax Official Record

Sr. Francis Norris, Knt.
Katherine Blower
Katherine Lewis
Andrew Fletcher
Symon Smyth
Ann Porter
Thomas Croxton
Francis Lathbery
Laurence Fawlkner
Ann Gibbs
Robert Kinge
Thomas Mathew
Alic Allin
Willialm Ladyman
William Winsloe
William Drake
John Barratt
John Smyth gent
Mary House
Christopher Dayes
Andrew Allam
Christopher Stevenson
John Johnson
Thomas Hanwell
Robert Blea
Richard Hanwell
Edward Allam
John Johnson jun
William Porter
Lawrence Fawkner
Henry Coxe
Augustine Dully
George Goodson
Thomas Snaby
John Jerrat
Elizabeth Webb
Anthony Falkner
James Harres
John Evens
Samuel Lathbery
Henry (Cardon?)
William Neall
Robert (Digneer?)
John Wise
Robert Warland
Thomas Newell
William Allam
Jane (--alten?)
William Huines
Edward Copper
John Bently