WhippleFest 2007: Blaine Whipple Family Reunion, Mount Vernon, Iowa

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Blaine Whipple Family Reunion, Mount Vernon, Iowa

Happy 100th Birthday, Elaine! Photos from WhippleFest 2010

The following was submitted by Blaine Whipple.

Approximately 300 people from 15 states -- Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts -- and the Dominican Republic attended WhippleFest August 7 at the Palisades State Park in Mount Vernon, Iowa. It was the largest gathering we've ever had and the attendees spilled into the outdoors. The pictures show a wide age range.

The first picture was taken in the Park's lodge, a CCC project in the mid 1930s:

The second picture is from one of three lineage charts I prepared and displayed. This picture includes 9 generations. The first three generations were also on the chart but not included in this section.

Pictures 3 and 4 are general pictures of attendees:

Picture 5 shows the special T-shirt many of us wore:

Picture 6 is three generations of Whipples ranging in age from 100 (my sister) Elaine (Whipple) West and 6 (my grandson) Turner Whipple. L to R: Blaine Scott Whipple, Elaine Whipple West, Blaine Whipple, Spencer Blaine Whipple, Turner Collins Whipple.