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Albany, Albany, New York


Latitude: 42.6525793, Longitude: -73.7562317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Emily Tomes "Em"  2 Oct 1908Albany, Albany, New York I17899
2 Bacon, Allen Harlow  13 Feb 1864Albany, Albany, New York I98629
3 Bacon, Emma Maria  6 Sep 1858Albany, Albany, New York I98625
4 Bacon, George Newton  24 May 1860Albany, Albany, New York I98626
5 Benmerrchouce, Alexandra   I141093
6 Benmerrchouce, Leila   I141094
7 Clark, Eliza Maria  18 Jun 1814Albany, Albany, New York I10417
8 Crary, Lucy  5 Aug 1807Albany, Albany, New York I17142
9 Croissant, Charles Augustus  12 Jan 1859Albany, Albany, New York I101016
10 Croissant, Martin  16 Nov 1887Albany, Albany, New York I101023
11 DeForest, Caroline A.  24 Jan 1840Albany, Albany, New York I66411
12 Eaton, Isabella M. "Belle"  Dec 1855Albany, Albany, New York I160830
13 Gray, Elizabeth  8 Mar 1847Albany, Albany, New York I63784
14 Greenleaf, Marion Constance  21 Apr 1904Albany, Albany, New York I85519
15 Healey, Mary  Abt 1834Albany, Albany, New York I145428
16 James, Marjorie Guile  13 Apr 1915Albany, Albany, New York I44968
17 King, Mary Ada  27 May 1862Albany, Albany, New York I99567
18 King, Nellie Frances  29 May 1859Albany, Albany, New York I99566
19 Lansing, Caroline Fitch  24 Mar 1895Albany, Albany, New York I101003
20 McHarg, Henry King  6 Feb 1851Albany, Albany, New York I125402
21 McHarg, John William  3 Apr 1843Albany, Albany, New York I125400
22 McHarg, Sophia King  4 Mar 1840Albany, Albany, New York I125398
23 McHarg, Theodore  19 Feb 1845Albany, Albany, New York I125401
24 O'Brien, Nettie  Albany, Albany, New York I36733
25 Sears, John V.  25 Jul 1835Albany, Albany, New York I82917
26 Stone, Ada Elizabeth  8 Dec 1864Albany, Albany, New York I86403
27 Stone, Jennie Ellen  6 May 1863Albany, Albany, New York I86402
28 Stone, Marvin Alexis  2 Jun 1866Albany, Albany, New York I86412
29 Stone, Minnie Estelle  8 Nov 1874Albany, Albany, New York I86414
30 Stone, Nellie Watey  22 Dec 1867Albany, Albany, New York I86413
31 Van Zandt, Ann Hilton  14 Oct 1789Albany, Albany, New York I43398
32 VanAlstyne, Wilbur Yerks  16 Dec 1904Albany, Albany, New York I17902
33 Wentworth, Blanche Helen  13 Jul 1887Albany, Albany, New York I86407
34 Wentworth, Donald  17 Feb 1894Albany, Albany, New York I86410
35 Wentworth, Isabella Hamilton  8 Feb 1891Albany, Albany, New York I86408
36 Wentworth, William Hamilton  27 Feb 1865Albany, Albany, New York I86404
37 Wentworth, William Stone  20 Dec 1904Albany, Albany, New York I86411
38 Whipple, Abram L.  17 Jul 1835Albany, Albany, New York I66410
39 Whipple, Ann Frances  3 Feb 1803Albany, Albany, New York I8190
40 Whipple, Benjamin Brayton  23 Nov 1800Albany, Albany, New York I8189
41 Whipple, Caroline Catherine  4 Nov 1844Albany, Albany, New York I11248
42 Whipple, Carrie Amelia  26 Dec 1870Albany, Albany, New York I66419
43 Whipple, Catherine Abigail  Abt May 1814Albany, Albany, New York I123382
44 Whipple, Cynthia  3 Feb 1793Albany, Albany, New York I8187
45 Whipple, Esther  5 Feb 1789Albany, Albany, New York I8185
46 Whipple, Frank D.  1863Albany, Albany, New York I66415
47 Whipple, George  28 Mar 1791Albany, Albany, New York I8186
48 Whipple, George Reverend  4 Jun 1805Albany, Albany, New York I8191
49 Whipple, George B.  31 Mar 1813Albany, Albany, New York I51578
50 Whipple, Israel  1774Albany, Albany, New York I17135

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Allen Harlow  18 Jun 1929Albany, Albany, New York I98629
2 Bacon, Josephine A.  1958Albany, Albany, New York I98824
3 Bacon, Mary Emma  1911Albany, Albany, New York I98827
4 Brigham, Frederick C.  25 Feb 1963Albany, Albany, New York I48573
5 Brown, Amey  Albany, Albany, New York I70311
6 Brown, Eliza  Albany, Albany, New York I70309
7 Carson, Virginia Smith  23 Feb 1979Albany, Albany, New York I101217
8 Case, Wealthy Anna  25 Jan 1891Albany, Albany, New York I4003
9 Churchill, Caroline  27 Mar 1869Albany, Albany, New York I49046
10 Crissey, Harry T.  1960Albany, Albany, New York I98825
11 Croissant, Charles Augustus  19 Mar 1950Albany, Albany, New York I101016
12 Daniels, Martha Elizabeth  12 Mar 1875Albany, Albany, New York I99563
13 Healey, Ellen  4 Jul 1891Albany, Albany, New York I86393
14 Howell, Georgie  6 Nov 1982Albany, Albany, New York I101006
15 King, Nellie Frances  9 Jul 1950Albany, Albany, New York I99566
16 Mather, Jennie Adelaide  29 Jan 1956Albany, Albany, New York I99499
17 McHarg, Theodore  26 Nov 1867Albany, Albany, New York I125401
18 Mowry, Henry C.  5 Nov 1870Albany, Albany, New York I148105
19 Patch, Martha Whipple  8 Sep 1885Albany, Albany, New York I124560
20 Spooner, Samuel A.  1 Nov 1868Albany, Albany, New York I77721
21 Stone, Alexis  11 Mar 1903Albany, Albany, New York I80805
22 Stone, Eugene  Abt 1888Albany, Albany, New York I86400
23 Stone, Jennie Ellen  6 Sep 1864Albany, Albany, New York I86402
24 Stone, Rosabel  29 Nov 1891Albany, Albany, New York I86398
25 Weir, Richard L. Sr.  12 Jun 2002Albany, Albany, New York I108464
26 Whipple, Benjamin  30 Apr 1819Albany, Albany, New York I8174
27 Whipple, Clement Jonathan  3 Jun 1931Albany, Albany, New York I158192
28 Whipple, Frances Emily  5 Feb 1832Albany, Albany, New York I49050
29 Whipple, George  22 Jul 1796Albany, Albany, New York I8186
30 Whipple, John  7 May 1827Albany, Albany, New York I6949
31 Whipple, Martha  6 Oct 1799Albany, Albany, New York I8188
32 Whipple, Millard A.  24 Feb 1973Albany, Albany, New York I106787
33 Whipple, Solomon  Aft 1873Albany, Albany, New York I49045
34 Whipple, Squire  15 Mar 1888Albany, Albany, New York I3916
35 Whipple, William Wirt  Aft 1871Albany, Albany, New York I49051
36 Winchester, Holland Wicks  23 Sep 1887Albany, Albany, New York I117906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Whipple, John  Albany, Albany, New York I6949


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Davis  12 Jan 1907Albany, Albany, New York F9609
2 Bacon / Howell  30 Oct 1965Albany, Albany, New York F41652
3 Bacon / Jagel  6 Apr 1929Albany, Albany, New York F41654
4 Bacon / Lansing  9 Oct 1920Albany, Albany, New York F41651
5 Croissant / King  13 Jun 1882Albany, Albany, New York F41657
6 Hammer / Croissant  24 Dec 1912Albany, Albany, New York F42045
7 Haven / Gilbert  3 Dec 1847Albany, Albany, New York F17527
8 Stone / Healey  2 Oct 1861Albany, Albany, New York F34698
9 Trowbridge / Whipple  5 Jan 1812Albany, Albany, New York F4697
10 Wentworth / Stone  22 Jun 1886Albany, Albany, New York F36895
11 Whipple / Crary  5 Mar 1835Albany, Albany, New York F9222
12 Whipple / Lansing  7 Mar 1810Albany, Albany, New York F4006
13 Whipple / Van Zandt  10 Mar 1814Albany, Albany, New York F12359
14 Willey / Lithgow  7 Sep 1844Albany, Albany, New York F14471

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