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Greenfield, Saratoga, New York


Latitude: 43.1036852, Longitude: -73.8640118


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Benjamin F.  1824Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111275
2 Aldrich, James F.  24 May 1822Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111274
3 Aldrich, Mary Robinson  Jan 1818Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111262
4 Aldrich, William  19 Jan 1820Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111273
5 Allcott, Joseph Mabbett  1828Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I156596
6 Allen, Daniel Deuel  12 Aug 1810Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I146229
7 Brown, Benjamin F.  Abt 1815Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64552
8 French, George Washington  Abt 1826Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64727
9 Green, Elizabeth Ann  30 Jun 1821Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64375
10 Harkness, Rhoda  8 Jul 1810Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I104352
11 Medbery  31 Oct 1842Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I156592
12 Medbery, Abner Harris  5 Mar 1815Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111118
13 Medbery, Allen M.  16 Oct 1802Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111420
14 Medbery, Amasa Martin  11 Sep 1823Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111431
15 Medbery, Amy  19 Jan 1803Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111113
16 Medbery, Andrew B.  18 Jul 1839Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I79638
17 Medbery, Daniel  12 Oct 1821Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111430
18 Medbery, George Washington  1829Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111173
19 Medbery, Henry  28 Jun 1797Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111110
20 Medbery, Henry H. "Harry"  20 Apr 1836Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111121
21 Medbery, Hiram  6 Sep 1799Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111111
22 Medbery, John W.  7 Apr 1806Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111115
23 Medbery, Juliana or Juliann  10 Dec 1804Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111421
24 Medbery, Martin Blackmar  13 Sep 1804Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111114
25 Medbery, Nathan  26 Jul 1817Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111428
26 Medbery, Stephen Bissle  4 Aug 1815Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111427
27 Medbery, William A.  22 Oct 1813Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111426
28 Medbury, Chauncy  1813Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111548
29 Moore, Daniel  Abt 1820Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64492
30 Olney, Maria  12 Sep 1822Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64493
31 Olney, Nathan Hale  17 Apr 1824Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I64603
32 Rowland, William A.  Abt 1859Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I110390
33 Whipple, Amy Ann  7 Nov 1816Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17143
34 Whipple, Benjamin  1 Feb 1803Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17141
35 Whipple, Calvin D.  17 Mar 1809Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I10411
36 Whipple, Daniel Nelson or Nelson D.  20 Jan 1834Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I93808
37 Whipple, Eliza  1810Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17206
38 Whipple, Emeline  1809Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17200
39 Whipple, Freelove  1800Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17205
40 Whipple, George  1816Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I10413
41 Whipple, Harvey Leroy  14 Nov 1832Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I79353
42 Whipple, Job  Aug 1796Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17118
43 Whipple, Martha  1818Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17208
44 Whipple, May  13 May 1888Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I107175
45 Whipple, Mercy  1813Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17193
46 Whipple, Sarah  4 Jul 1885Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I110400
47 Whipple, Sarah P.  Abt 9 Mar 1887Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I107172
48 Whipple, Serepta  1798Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17204
49 Whipple, Vischer  12 May 1855Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I75424
50 Whipple, William Henry  1807Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17139

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Rhoda  1858Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I146253
2 Sarah  24 Oct 1890Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I68690
3 Aldrich, William  Apr 1831Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I103928
4 Allcott, Levi B.  9 Jul 1864Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111437
5 Angell, Asha  2 Aug 1889Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I27488
6 Anthony, David  19 Nov 1831Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I169399
7 Bentley, Eunice Adelia  9 Sep 1905Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111440
8 Blackmar, Rhoda  29 Jan 1849Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111107
9 Dyer, Martha  17 Mar 1807Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I120757
10 Martin, Lydia  23 Oct 1880Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111419
11 Medbery  21 Nov 1842Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I156592
12 Medbery, Abner  26 Jun 1845Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111096
13 Medbery, Andrew B.  20 Mar 1842Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I79638
14 Medbery, Juliana or Juliann  Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111421
15 Medbery, Lovina or Lovinna  29 Mar 1836Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111425
16 Medbery, Nathan  5 Oct 1816Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111091
17 Medbery, Nathan  17 Jan 1918Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111428
18 Medbery, Rhoda  22 Nov 1860Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I79377
19 Medbery, Stephen  27 May 1845Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111097
20 Medbery, William E.  16 Jul 1901Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111443
21 Medbury, Nathan  1822Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111099
22 Munro, Martha  17 Mar 1807Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I120771
23 Olds, Milo A.  7 Nov 1895Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I68689
24 Town, Amos  27 Jan 1865Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I79376
25 Town, Amy M.  11 Jul 1832Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I10416
26 Waterman, Richard Jr.  24 Jun 1797Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I28118
27 Whipple, Ezek  15 Feb 1810Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I33167
28 Whipple, Job  19 Apr 1796Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I17247
29 Williams, Harris M.  5 Jun 1825Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111561
30 Williams, Theophilus  9 Dec 1856Greenfield, Saratoga, New York I111560


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Jones / Whipple  20 Apr 1873Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F32627
2 Medbery / Blackmar  29 Nov 1796Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F45412
3 Whipple /   5 Apr 1866Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F34121
4 Whipple / Aldrich  Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F6158
5 Whipple / Carpenter  1794Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F9207
6 Whipple / Van Ness  Greenfield, Saratoga, New York F32628

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