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Hartwick, Otsego, New York


Latitude: 42.6597113, Longitude: -75.0491260


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Isaac Newton  30 Nov 1815Hartwick, Otsego, New York I128897
2 Bowe, Chloe  Abt 1812Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54516
3 Bowe, Cordelia  1825Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54526
4 Bowe, Daniel  1816Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54519
5 Bowe, Hester Ann  Aug 1827Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54527
6 Bowe, Russell  12 Apr 1814Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54517
7 Bowe, Sophia  1823Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54524
8 Clark, Lydia E.  Abt 1842Hartwick, Otsego, New York I50093
9 Field, Byron  Abt 1869Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139947
10 Field, Delos Theodore  19 Jun 1823Hartwick, Otsego, New York I111669
11 Field, Eleanor  Abt 1850Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139894
12 Field, Elisha  1799Hartwick, Otsego, New York I111670
13 Field, Elisha A.  Abt 1857Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139908
14 Field, Fred  Abt 1864Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139938
15 Field, Frederick  29 Nov 1920Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139941
16 Field, Joseph  27 Oct 1917Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139940
17 Field, Lincoln Elmer  Sep 1860Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139910
18 Field, Nellie  Abt 1866Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139942
19 Field, Ossian N.  Abt 1855Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139906
20 Field, Perry Eugene  Abt 1852Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139895
21 Field, Peter  Abt 1861Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139937
22 Greene, Mary E.  26 Jun 1831Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54986
23 Greene, Oscar  Hartwick, Otsego, New York I69869
24 Greene, Oscar  Abt 1835Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54999
25 Greene, Stephen A.  24 Jul 1828Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54984
26 Lippitt, Catherine  4 Jun 1805Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54482
27 Lippitt, Charles  Abt 16 Jun 1851Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54972
28 Lippitt, Edwin Moses  28 Oct 1853Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54970


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Sarah  30 Dec 1806Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54340
2 Barton, Anne Elizabeth  28 Mar 1866Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54985
3 Field, Delos Theodore  26 Feb 1876Hartwick, Otsego, New York I111669
4 Field, Eleanor  Bef Jun 1860Hartwick, Otsego, New York I139894
5 Greene, Benjamin  6 Feb 1881Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54502
6 Greene, Elma M.  22 Aug 1851Hartwick, Otsego, New York I55001
7 Greene, Emily A.  6 Oct 1839Hartwick, Otsego, New York I55000
8 Greene, Emory  Hartwick, Otsego, New York I55002
9 Greene, Oscar  Hartwick, Otsego, New York I69869
10 Greene, Oscar  29 Apr 1841Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54999
11 Greene, Stephen A.  20 Sep 1916Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54984
12 Greene, Thomas Jr.  30 Mar 1821Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54499
13 Greene, Thomas  22 Dec 1844Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54349
14 Greene, Ursula Maria  27 Oct 1859Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54992
15 Holden, Sarah  24 Aug 1815Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54346
16 Holden, Stephen  27 Jan 1841Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54353
17 Holman, Samuel  9 Apr 1848Hartwick, Otsego, New York I69867
18 Lippitt, Aaron Luther  28 Aug 1868Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54357
19 Lippitt, Abraham  23 Aug 1812Hartwick, Otsego, New York I53854
20 Lippitt, Charles  13 Sep 1852Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54972
21 Lippitt, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1855Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54347
22 Lippitt, Joseph  9 Jan 1862Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54343
23 Lippitt, Polly  1 Apr 1817Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54362
24 Lippitt, Rebecca  7 Oct 1852Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54348
25 Lippitt, Sal Maplet  Abt 18 Nov 1806Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54352
26 Wells, Elizabeth Abbey  25 Dec 1874Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54503
27 Wells, John  22 Dec 1795Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54345
28 Wells, Rose  Between 24 May 1852 and 1853Hartwick, Otsego, New York I54344
29 Whipple, Asahel or Asel  1 Jul 1846Hartwick, Otsego, New York I6202
30 Wood, Lucy  27 Jul 1847Hartwick, Otsego, New York I25113


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bowe / Lippitt  1810Hartwick, Otsego, New York F24849
2 Comstock / Lippitt  30 May 1816Hartwick, Otsego, New York F24851
3 Crandall / Ransom  1815Hartwick, Otsego, New York F12018
4 Field / Lippitt  Hartwick, Otsego, New York F45642
5 Greene / Wells  Abt 1827Hartwick, Otsego, New York F24908
6 Holman / Lippitt  Bef 20 May 1795Hartwick, Otsego, New York F24838

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