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Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri


Latitude: 39.0997265, Longitude: -94.5785667


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Byron George  27 Nov 1887Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I163615
2 Burgess, Glenn William  13 Nov 1910Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I38776
3 Cleymore, Rillia Velma  3 Jul 1905Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I60697
4 Ellison, Edward David  5 Dec 1869Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I163620
5 Farnum, Charles Wadsworth  27 Jan 1910Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I27020
6 Grove, Cynthia  29 Dec 1897Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I108786
7 Howard, Oliver Whipple  8 Aug 1886Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I120020
8 Jackson, June Elizabeth  2 Feb 1919Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I102920
9 Johnston, Charlotte  28 Sep 1913Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I78102
10 Johnston, Franklin  2 Jan 1908Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I78101
11 Johnston, Katherine  14 Aug 1904Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I78100
12 Liebold, Felix Jr.  17 Jul 1889Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I46215
13 Newton, John Conway "Jack"  31 May 1911Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I43847
14 Pond, Paul Utley  3 Dec 1892Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I157539
15 Schilling, John Albert  5 Nov 1917Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I7604
16 Shadley, Miles Allen  4 Sep 1909Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I23646
17 Spiher, Alan Thurman Jr.  19 Jun 1918Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I170178
18 Stone, Katherine Phetteplace  13 Feb 1893Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I121380
19 Stone, Marguerite Bernon  26 May 1890Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I35857
20 Tudor, William Allen  18 Aug 1893Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I57095
21 Wheeler, Louise  7 Nov 1885Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I126350
22 Whipple, Clyde David  3 Oct 1927Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I25049
23 Whipple, Dorothy May  15 Jul 1922Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I108789
24 Whipple, Ethel L.  1870Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I119734
25 Whipple, Floyd Earl Jr.  10 Feb 1919Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I108788
26 Whipple, Grant Dodge  24 Jan 1919Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I25047
27 Whipple, Harold Vernon  26 Nov 1906Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32669
28 Whipple, Launa Mae  23 May 1921Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I25048
29 Whipple, Lyle Marion  23 May 1921Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I42041
30 Whipple, Thomas King  7 Mar 1890Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I112720
31 Williams, Norma Jean  15 Oct 1923Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I166861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mary Hannah  11 Aug 1932Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I112718
2 Baker, Dorothy L.  20 Oct 2004Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I47611
3 Buster, Johnson Lewis "John"  30 May 1943Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I168493
4 Cain, Georgia Rayma  1 Nov 1988Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I14169
5 Canaday, Edith Ortensia  1930Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I102929
6 Canaday, William Jackson  20 Jan 1972Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I127150
7 Carroll, Earl Martin  24 Mar 1988Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I61341
8 Cartwright, Alice  25 Nov 1970Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I168570
9 Crocker, George W.  10 Nov 1874Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I110083
10 Davis, Elverett M.  21 Feb 1926Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I61124
11 Ellison, Edward David  23 Dec 1957Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I163620
12 Gates, Jemuel Clinton  2 Aug 1916Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I112722
13 Gates, Mamie Jane  21 May 1927Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I96306
14 Glover, Delta Marie "Catharine"  16 May 1990Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I43773
15 Hayes, George Anna  14 Jan 2023Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I141584
16 Hayes, Jane Calista  31 Mar 1912Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I112723
17 Henson, Denise Michele  19 Apr 1998Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I77563
18 Jensen, Iver Nielsen  6 Jun 1927Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I166827
19 Jordan, Minnie Grace  21 Jul 1951Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32661
20 Kittrell, Florence or Florena F.  10 Jan 1950Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I30259
21 Lippitt, Alvin Christopher  11 Apr 1929Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I55163
22 Miller, Sylvester  20 May 1922Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I65544
23 Miner, Sterling LeRoy  2 Mar 1966Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I138360
24 Neal, Katherine Ruth  11 Feb 2009Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I56381
25 Phillips, Francis Louise  18 Feb 1973Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I57093
26 Rucks, Doris  28 Jul 2004Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I163617
27 Simpson, Katherine Louise  22 Oct 1971Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I43843
28 Smith, Ida  15 Jan 1920Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I131563
29 Steere, Emily Clarke  1937Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I68634
30 Stone, Katherine Phetteplace  6 Apr 1968Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I121380
31 Stone, Mary Winsor  19 Mar 1954Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I105158
32 Tice, Guy James "Jim" Jr.  17 Apr 2016Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I167352
33 Whipple, Amanda  25 Nov 1915Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I49923
34 Whipple, Attis Adrastus  25 Oct 1918Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I41767
35 Whipple, Brough Thompson  10 Oct 1917Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I41768
36 Whipple, Cecil Orin  5 Nov 1968Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32668
37 Whipple, Charles Edward  27 Jun 1963Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32662
38 Whipple, Clarence Theodore  8 May 1965Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I129596
39 Whipple, Corban  23 May 1978Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I33371
40 Whipple, Corneilius Raymond  5 Dec 1969Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32666
41 Whipple, Dorothy May  25 Dec 1998Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I108789
42 Whipple, Edward Lincoln  13 Mar 1933Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32641
43 Whipple, Floyd Earl Jr.  19 Jul 1944Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I32665
44 Whipple, Harley Hammond or Harlan  10 May 1950Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I30252
45 Whipple, Harriet  1 Aug 1966Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I73711
46 Whipple, Helen Mabel or Mabel Helen  24 Mar 1966Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I119309
47 Whipple, Ida Adelle  31 Jan 1968Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I126317
48 Whipple, Ida May  3 Dec 1972Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I33370
49 Whipple, Jonathan Crouch  25 Jun 1900Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I16361
50 Whipple, Josiah Loring  Jul 1901Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I34838

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Farmer, Allison Trovers  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I119310
2 Rodgers, Bereta  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I108747
3 Whipple, Helen Mabel or Mabel Helen  Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri I119309


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Adams / Burgess  12 Apr 1946Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F64866
2 Canaday / Jackson  2 Dec 1950Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F16678
3 Hathaway / Antons  22 Mar 1947Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F32246
4 Spiher / Kessler  13 Mar 1914Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F64940
5 Whipple / Adams  1 Feb 1871Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F51851
6 Whipple / Gates  7 Jan 1883Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F19897
7 Whipple / Grove  14 Jan 1917Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F16144
8 Whipple / Larsen  14 Aug 1911Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F16139
9 Whipple / Monteith  15 Nov 1919Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F50112
10 Whipple / Tinkler  3 Sep 1900Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri F50113

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