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Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire


Latitude: 43.3653585, Longitude: -72.1734388


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barton, Benjamin Jr.  1805Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4146
2 Batchelder, Ethel  1884Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75268
3 Crowell, Avis Harriet  22 Jun 1920Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75312
4 Dow, Baron Cooper  10 Nov 1870Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121344
5 Dow, Edwin Whipple  6 May 1869Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121342
6 Dow, Jessie  1880Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121348
7 Dow, Wallace L.  21 Sep 1845Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I56699
8 Dunham, Elmira  Abt 1850Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I165537
9 Fellows, Dellia  1913Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75292
10 Haven, Abial  Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72423
11 Haven, George McClellan  10 Feb 1861Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I125979
12 Haven, Leona A.  20 Jun 1860Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7640
13 Haven, Martha  5 Aug 1793Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4149
14 Haven, Moses Augustus  26 Feb 1859Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I125977
15 Haven, Nellie Eastman  23 Sep 1864Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I125978
16 Hurd, Abigail  23 Sep 1776Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122450
17 Hurd, Almira  5 Aug 1799Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123736
18 Hurd, Cynthia  26 Jul 1798Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123734
19 Hurd, David  28 Jan 1784Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122455
20 Hurd, Elisha  27 Mar 1775Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122449
21 Hurd, John  18 Jan 1774Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122447
22 Hurd, Levi  30 Sep 1780Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122453
23 Hurd, Lucretia Lavinia  22 Jan 1809Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123743
24 Hurd, Lydia  4 Feb 1811Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123744
25 Hurd, Mariah  20 Jul 1807Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123741
26 Hurd, Mary A.  1 Aug 1814Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123747
27 Hurd, Nathan II  9 Sep 1772Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122446
28 Hurd, Peter  26 Apr 1771Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122443
29 Hurd, Ruth  25 Aug 1805Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123739
30 Hurd, Sarah  2 Mar 1778Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122452
31 Hurd, Sarah  5 Jan 1804Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123737
32 Hurd, Sophronia  29 Nov 1812Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123745
33 Hurd, Thankful  4 Feb 1786Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122457
34 Jenckes, Bela Whipple Captain  12 Mar 1785Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51426
35 Jenckes, Betsey  9 Mar 1789Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120475
36 Jenckes, Jeremiah  11 Jun 1780Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51424
37 Jenckes, Lucy  15 Mar 1783Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I50333
38 Jenckes, Nancy  7 Mar 1779Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120109
39 Jenckes, Oliver  13 Feb 1782Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I51425
40 Jenckes, Thomas Allen  2 Nov 1819Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I71141
41 Jenckes, Thomas Bowen  8 Oct 1786Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I71143
42 Jenks, Arzelia  10 Jul 1815Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120210
43 Jenks, Hester Amelia  22 Dec 1808Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120115
44 Jenks, Jeremiah  24 Dec 1810Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120139
45 Jenks, Jesse Lane  8 Apr 1813Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I120177
46 Newton, Charlotte  3 Jul 1927Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75331
47 Newton, Shirley  9 Oct 1929Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75332
48 Osgood, James  15 Aug 1786Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35552
49 Osgood, Lemuel  30 Jan 1789Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35553
50 Osgood, Lydia  1796Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35556

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batchelder, Diantha  7 Mar 1903Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7546
2 Dodge, Elmer E.  1950Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75261
3 Eastman, Emma C.  16 Feb 1999Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75296
4 Haven, George Pomroy  18 Jun 1866Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35920
5 Haven, Hannah  21 Dec 1842Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35908
6 Hurd, Nathan  18 Mar 1810Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122440
7 Labree, Ruth  Bef 1830Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I121815
8 Maxfield, Sarah  27 Nov 1826Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123731
9 Newton, Shirley  8 May 1971Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75332
10 Paul, Abbie  16 Mar 1992Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75285
11 Paul, Daniel  21 Aug 1839Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7519
12 Paul, Doddridge  28 Nov 1916Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7522
13 Paul, Loren "Babe"  17 Jul 1993Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75291
14 Paul, Louisa  1947Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75260
15 Reed, Erastus  28 Mar 1880Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I124965
16 Richmond, Annie Evelyn  23 Jan 1900Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I89321
17 Rogers, Rosetta  11 Nov 1905Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75256
18 Sherman, Martha Jane  12 Nov 1890Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I125972
19 Wheeler, Lucy Putnam  1852Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35968
20 Wheeler, Simeon  27 Apr 1848Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I35913
21 Whipple  21 Sep 1915Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I163206
22 Whipple, Abner  5 Feb 1879Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I123524
23 Whipple, Albro  12 Feb 1928Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I7550
24 Whipple, David Curtis  20 Apr 1972Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I70469
25 Whipple, Donald Edwin  8 Feb 2015Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75315
26 Whipple, Evelyn Minerva  15 Dec 1975Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I70468
27 Whipple, Experience C.  1 Dec 1889Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4139
28 Whipple, James  12 May 1835Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4080
29 Whipple, Leroy Aaron  Aug 1943Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75276
30 Whipple, Moses  31 Jul 1876Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I4131
31 Whipple, Prudence  1820Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I3865
32 Wright, twin  Abt 1928Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75321
33 Wright, twin  Abt 1928Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I75322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Whipple  Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire I163206


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fitch / Hurd  13 May 1831Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F49590
2 Haven / Blodgett  20 Aug 1879Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F50191
3 Haven / Sherman  8 Jun 1852Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17512
4 Jenckes / Lane  26 Jan 1803Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F23762
5 Kelly / Stowell  Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17835
6 Paul / Rogers  20 Mar 1864Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4302
7 Pillsbury / Whipple  6 Jul 1886Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4349
8 Putnam /   20 May 1885Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F49594
9 Putnam / Frances  31 Aug 1859Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F49135
10 Stone / Warner  23 Nov 1785Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17373
11 Wheeler / Sawyer  1863Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F17549
12 Whipple / Crowell  31 Dec 1934Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F30878
13 Whipple / Haven  29 Dec 1816Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2409
14 Whipple / Hulburt  3 Nov 1906Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F32577
15 Whipple / Sargent  6 Mar 1845Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F2425
16 Wright / Whipple  6 Feb 1925Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire F30879

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