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Rutland, Rutland, Vermont


Latitude: 43.6106237, Longitude: -72.9726065


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Kate M.  13 Apr 1841Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53612
2 Browning, Abigail  6 Sep 1806Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I113564
3 Denison, Edward Higley  29 Sep 1817Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I162911
4 Dole, Avis Ione  16 Jul 1903Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I159529
5 Dole, Robert Chadbourne  7 Nov 1906Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I159530
6 Giddings, Elmer Ellsworth  18 Feb 1860Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53585
7 Giddings, James Cook  17 May 1858Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53584
8 Giddings, Jeremiah P.  Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53580
9 Goddard, Caroline E.  1837Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I97467
10 Goddard, Clark Nahum  3 May 1835Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I97466
11 Goddard, James Osmer  1829Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I97463
12 Goddard, John Bailey  16 Oct 1830Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I97464
13 Hall, Mahlon Scott  11 Apr 1855Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53676
14 Hanford, Emily  23 Jan 1816Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135567
15 Hanford, Harriette L.  17 Apr 1813Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135570
16 Hanford, James Hervey  4 May 1802Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135571
17 Hanford, Jesse Selleck  23 May 1810Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135572
18 Hanford, Julia A.  28 Sep 1820Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135574
19 Hanford, Sally Maria  15 Sep 1807Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I932
20 Hanford, Samuel Murdock  15 Feb 1800Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135569
21 Hubbard, Clayton Tower  3 Mar 1902Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I163577
22 Hubbard, Patricia Lee  27 Mar 1931Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I165576
23 Hubbard, Silas Frank  5 Apr 1897Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I163573
24 Murdock, David  Abt 1790Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135578
25 Murdock, Eunice  15 Apr 1783Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I943
26 Murdock, Hannah  Abt 1785Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135575
27 Murdock, Hiram Samuel  30 Aug 1796Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135581
28 Murdock, Lucinda  Abt 1786Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135576
29 Murdock, Myron  Abt 1794Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135580
30 Murdock, Sally  Abt 1788Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135577
31 Murdock, Silas  Abt 1792Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I135579
32 Perry, Lucy E.  16 May 1840Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53201
33 Perry, Phiania  19 Oct 1841Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53202
34 Sanderson, William E.  Abt 1832Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I83767
35 Stone, George Sylvester  4 Sep 1859Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I73543
36 Streeter, Eva A.  18 Oct 1874Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I148276
37 Streeter, Harry G.  13 Jan 1879Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I148273
38 Streeter, Lillie M.  2 Jul 1876Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I148272
39 Tower, Emily T.  18 Dec 1859Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53669
40 Whipple, Anson  1806Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I102179
41 Whipple, Caleb Wilkins  30 Jun 1812Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I47913


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Goddard, Lorinda  5 Jul 1812Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I96382


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Zetta Lovina  20 Mar 1935Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I161819
2 Barnes, Aaron  30 Mar 1870Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I25137
3 Barnes, William Sr.  11 Oct 1824Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I25111
4 Bates, Sarah Ann  1 May 1872Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I26609
5 Caldwell, Mary Ella  1967Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I48559
6 Goddard, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1820Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I95709
7 Greene, Celistia Rozelle "Lettie"  1 Jul 1948Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I48557
8 Hall, David Perry  11 Aug 1861Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53677
9 Hayden, Jesse  11 Jun 1833Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I123596
10 Hindley, Howard Lister  May 1943Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I48566
11 Hindley, Lister Caldwell  24 Dec 1946Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I48571
12 Jones, Mehitable  Nov 1778Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I73637
13 Mills, Thomas  17 Jul 1866Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53881
14 Morgan, Samuel  11 Mar 1830Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I62546
15 Onion, William W.  1 Jun 1868Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I156029
16 Reed, Aaron  Bef Oct 1796Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I123483
17 Stacy, Joane or Joanna  24 Jan 1834Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I123597
18 Stone, Edward Payson Reverend  11 Sep 1920Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I84216
19 Stone, Margaret Drew  8 Jun 1923Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I84219
20 Streeter, Malvina Eunice  25 Feb 1890Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I148265
21 Streeter, Martha A.  25 Aug 1907Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I148261
22 Tower, Henry Clay  23 Sep 1923Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I22995
23 Tyler, Thelma Mary  30 Apr 2007Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I66718
24 Whipple, Alfred Peck  12 Jan 1984Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I30078
25 Whipple, Asa Stevens  1 May 1896Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I53880
26 Whipple, Leon Julius  8 Feb 1990Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I30093
27 Whipple, Lewis Alfred  26 Sep 1984Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I30092
28 Whipple, Sarah twin  21 May 1818Rutland, Rutland, Vermont I4266


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brigham / Hindley  9 Aug 1921Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F22597
2 Fellows / Hanford  5 Sep 1826Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F164
3 Gates / Smith  11 May 1809Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F49516
4 Goddard / Bailey  Bef 1829Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F40526
5 Green / Cramer  30 Sep 1972Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F64008
6 Hollis / Morrison  17 Mar 1921Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F64005
7 Hubbard / Preville  22 Jun 1929Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F61990
8 Mead / Watkins  8 Dec 1841Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F49848
9 Whipple / Woods  1 Jun 1800Rutland, Rutland, Vermont F18568

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