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McDonough, Chenango, New York


Latitude: 42.4984030, Longitude: -75.7679711


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrows, Adon T.  Sep 1896McDonough, Chenango, New York I24462
2 Barrows, Arthur Jerome  24 Jun 1878McDonough, Chenango, New York I149401
3 Barrows, Calvin Emmanuel  1838McDonough, Chenango, New York I104124
4 Barrows, Charles A.  Feb 1889McDonough, Chenango, New York I24460
5 Barrows, Della R.  Abt 1878McDonough, Chenango, New York I24468
6 Barrows, Elnie Leach  Abt 1873McDonough, Chenango, New York I24466
7 Barrows, Frederick O. "Fred"  1855McDonough, Chenango, New York I104144
8 Barrows, George L.  Abt 1870McDonough, Chenango, New York I24449
9 Barrows, Hattie M.  Abt 1869McDonough, Chenango, New York I104127
10 Barrows, Herman Roscoe  28 Apr 1876McDonough, Chenango, New York I24470
11 Barrows, Howard Eugene  7 Sep 1878McDonough, Chenango, New York I24069
12 Barrows, James Monroe  1848McDonough, Chenango, New York I104143
13 Barrows, Jennie  Abt 1866McDonough, Chenango, New York I104126
14 Barrows, John W.  Abt 1876McDonough, Chenango, New York I24467
15 Barrows, Julia E.  Abt 1847McDonough, Chenango, New York I104130
16 Barrows, Louella  Jan 1888McDonough, Chenango, New York I24459
17 Barrows, Mai  Abt 1871McDonough, Chenango, New York I24465
18 Barrows, Orlando Emmett  24 Jul 1822McDonough, Chenango, New York I104119
19 Barrows, Oscar Williams  19 Feb 1852McDonough, Chenango, New York I104137
20 Barrows, Samuel Jones  Abt 1825McDonough, Chenango, New York I101315
21 Barrows, Truman V.  1845McDonough, Chenango, New York I104148
22 Barrows, Virgil M.  Oct 1892McDonough, Chenango, New York I24461
23 Beckwith, Emily Charlotte  Feb 1856McDonough, Chenango, New York I24469
24 Herrick, Martha Melissa  1 Apr 1830McDonough, Chenango, New York I8039
25 Whipple, Angela N.  Abt 1852McDonough, Chenango, New York I104155
26 Whipple, Calvin  22 Nov 1829McDonough, Chenango, New York I36946
27 Whipple, Charlotte  Abt 1837McDonough, Chenango, New York I153377
28 Whipple, Charlotte E.  3 Aug 1850McDonough, Chenango, New York I104154
29 Whipple, Eli  Abt 25 Nov 1822McDonough, Chenango, New York I104150
30 Whipple, Lucy  Abt 1821McDonough, Chenango, New York I153333
31 Whipple, Lula May  Oct 1868McDonough, Chenango, New York I152204
32 Whipple, Lydia  Sep 1838McDonough, Chenango, New York I152209
33 Whipple, William Henry  13 Aug 1849McDonough, Chenango, New York I104152


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barrows, Alvin Winchester  29 Jan 1908McDonough, Chenango, New York I104123
2 Barrows, Arthur Jerome  14 Mar 1963McDonough, Chenango, New York I149401
3 Barrows, Calvin Emmanuel  18 Mar 1876McDonough, Chenango, New York I104124
4 Barrows, Charles A.  12 Jan 1918McDonough, Chenango, New York I104129
5 Barrows, Charles Lewis  27 Jun 1900McDonough, Chenango, New York I104146
6 Barrows, Elhanon Winchester  30 Dec 1881McDonough, Chenango, New York I104116
7 Barrows, Fidelia M.  12 Aug 1867McDonough, Chenango, New York I104121
8 Barrows, Frederick O. "Fred"  23 Sep 1937McDonough, Chenango, New York I104144
9 Barrows, Herman Roscoe  22 Mar 1962McDonough, Chenango, New York I24470
10 Barrows, Howard Eugene  9 Mar 1964McDonough, Chenango, New York I24069
11 Barrows, James Monroe  25 Jan 1925McDonough, Chenango, New York I104143
12 Barrows, Lavina  3 Jan 1899McDonough, Chenango, New York I152198
13 Barrows, Lucy  1876McDonough, Chenango, New York I152196
14 Barrows, Mellen  31 Oct 1887McDonough, Chenango, New York I27129
15 Barrows, Orlando Emmett  18 Nov 1884McDonough, Chenango, New York I104119
16 Barrows, Oscar Williams  19 Aug 1891McDonough, Chenango, New York I104137
17 Barrows, Tracy Hand  13 Sep 1903McDonough, Chenango, New York I24457
18 Beckwith, Emily Charlotte  11 Jul 1937McDonough, Chenango, New York I24469
19 Beckwith, Estella L.  26 Dec 1936McDonough, Chenango, New York I24075
20 Bosworth, Prudence A.  20 Jan 1885McDonough, Chenango, New York I104128
21 Brooks, John L.  1899McDonough, Chenango, New York I152197
22 Brooks, Lawrence Peleg  7 Mar 1858McDonough, Chenango, New York I152199
23 Eddy, Charles Colwell  12 Mar 1870McDonough, Chenango, New York I24384
24 Hand, Maria Adelaide  5 Feb 1862McDonough, Chenango, New York I24456
25 Herrick, Jonas  16 Mar 1869McDonough, Chenango, New York I8038
26 Hiller, Susan  18 Jun 1883McDonough, Chenango, New York I104134
27 Richmond, Mary Jane  28 Nov 1922McDonough, Chenango, New York I24451
28 Stanley, Sarah Yeardley  20 Jan 1888McDonough, Chenango, New York I104122
29 Thornton, Mary Belle  27 Feb 1923McDonough, Chenango, New York I24376
30 Whipple, Angela N.  9 Oct 1860McDonough, Chenango, New York I104155
31 Whipple, Charlotte  9 Mar 1849McDonough, Chenango, New York I153377
32 Whipple, Charlotte E.  9 Apr 1862McDonough, Chenango, New York I104154
33 Whipple, Eli  12 Mar 1857McDonough, Chenango, New York I104150
34 Whipple, Lucy  8 Dec 1823McDonough, Chenango, New York I153333
35 Whipple, Lucy  21 Feb 1868McDonough, Chenango, New York I27122
36 Whipple, Mason  11 Apr 1880McDonough, Chenango, New York I27124
37 Whipple, Phidelia  2 Dec 1830McDonough, Chenango, New York I153351


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bisbee / Herrick  1 Dec 1850McDonough, Chenango, New York F4603
2 Herrick / Whipple  12 Nov 1818McDonough, Chenango, New York F4600
3 Whipple / Bosworth  3 Sep 1848McDonough, Chenango, New York F43134
4 Whipple / Smith  5 May 1861McDonough, Chenango, New York F17874

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