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Mystic, New London, Connecticut


Latitude: 41.3542656, Longitude: -71.9664620


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennet, Joan Elizabeth  Mystic, New London, Connecticut I47494
2 Chapman, Jeanette W.  2 Feb 1852Mystic, New London, Connecticut I22281
3 Chapman, Mattie Dunning  12 May 1858Mystic, New London, Connecticut I22283
4 Chapman, Nathan Everett  6 Aug 1847Mystic, New London, Connecticut I22279
5 Clarke, May Eloise  3 Jul 1899Mystic, New London, Connecticut I23519
6 Comrie, Frank Joseph  1 May 1873Mystic, New London, Connecticut I44255
7 Crouch, Arthur Alonzo  19 Mar 1919Mystic, New London, Connecticut I93335
8 Crouch, Lavinia May   I93334
9 Crouch, Lyle Eugene  15 Dec 1916Mystic, New London, Connecticut I126925
10 Geer, Eleanor Packer  26 Oct 1904Mystic, New London, Connecticut I92673
11 Geer, Reginald Packer  8 Nov 1906Mystic, New London, Connecticut I92674
12 Packer, Laura Lewis  26 Feb 1878Mystic, New London, Connecticut I91694
13 Shafer, Carl Louis  15 May 1893Mystic, New London, Connecticut I39234
14 Smith, Maude  18 Jun 1931Mystic, New London, Connecticut I98813
15 Startz, Francis Harry  12 Dec 1921Mystic, New London, Connecticut I128998
16 Thorpe, Theodore Ernest  21 Feb 1867Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30885
17 Watrous, Bertha P.  6 Jun 1917Mystic, New London, Connecticut I110764
18 Watrous, Desire  14 Mar 1820Mystic, New London, Connecticut I16356
19 Watrous, Ralph Collingwood Lieutenant Governor  18 Jul 1866Mystic, New London, Connecticut I91767
20 Whipple, Chauncey Fremont  2 Apr 1856Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30217
21 Whipple, Eugene Denison  1 Mar 1848Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30247
22 Whipple, Florence Edna  7 Jan 1920Mystic, New London, Connecticut I37847
23 Whipple, Lillian Christine "Christine"  20 Mar 1892Mystic, New London, Connecticut I23507
24 Whipple, Lloyd Nelson "Nels"  14 Sep 1852Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21685
25 Whipple, Robert Leroy  4 Jun 1921Mystic, New London, Connecticut I37848


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Estella Elizabeth "Stella"  1 Jan 2008Mystic, New London, Connecticut I28174
2 Avery, Charles Franklin  17 Sep 1938Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30845
3 Baker, Marguerite A.  11 Oct 2007Mystic, New London, Connecticut I81509
4 Crandall, Mary Esther  11 Dec 2007Mystic, New London, Connecticut I32175
5 Crouch, Angeline or Angelina  26 Jun 1984Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21332
6 Crouch, Anna Delight  15 Dec 1999Mystic, New London, Connecticut I118440
7 Crouch, Arthur Henry  29 Sep 1948Mystic, New London, Connecticut I39284
8 Crouch, Esther Althea  Apr 2003Mystic, New London, Connecticut I118434
9 Crouch, George Edward  29 Sep 1947Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21220
10 Crouch, Hazel Delight  10 Sep 2007Mystic, New London, Connecticut I47963
11 Gallup, Adeline Moselle  20 Jun 1910Mystic, New London, Connecticut I25681
12 Greene or Green, Elizabeth Amelia  13 Jul 1946Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21169
13 Holdridge, Harry  23 Dec 1988Mystic, New London, Connecticut I92931
14 Judd, Frederick William Jr.  Jan 1969Mystic, New London, Connecticut I39260
15 Loftus, William Joseph Jr.  3 Jul 2001Mystic, New London, Connecticut I115506
16 Morse, Leonard Williams  5 Feb 1886Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30960
17 Pugh, Clara Evelyn  19 May 1993Mystic, New London, Connecticut I49707
18 Shafer, Earl Charles  Nov 1972Mystic, New London, Connecticut I39221
19 Shafer, Frank Dewey  15 Nov 1994Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30544
20 Spencer, Richard Landon "Dick"  14 Oct 2013Mystic, New London, Connecticut I93333
21 Tanner, Abel Palmer Sr.  2 Mar 1899Mystic, New London, Connecticut I25632
22 Thilburg, Alice  2 Oct 2008Mystic, New London, Connecticut I32186
23 Watrous, Cornelius Benjamin  1 Oct 1997Mystic, New London, Connecticut I32166
24 Watrous, Cynthia Gertrude  18 Nov 1997Mystic, New London, Connecticut I28153
25 Watrous, June Huldah  22 Nov 1986Mystic, New London, Connecticut I26044
26 Watrous, Robert M. Gowdy  2 Feb 1896Mystic, New London, Connecticut I16767
27 Weagraff, Claude Louis  20 Oct 1966Mystic, New London, Connecticut I45985
28 Whipple, Albert Thomas "Abbie"  1 Mar 1993Mystic, New London, Connecticut I113155
29 Whipple, Daniel James "Danny"  3 Feb 1962Mystic, New London, Connecticut I121019
30 Whipple, Daniel Joash  24 Feb 1933Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21088
31 Whipple, Emerson Otis  6 Aug 1992Mystic, New London, Connecticut I17389
32 Whipple, Estella Louise  1 Dec 1953Mystic, New London, Connecticut I21089
33 Whipple, Jemma Clarence  16 May 1857Mystic, New London, Connecticut I23470
34 Whipple, Nathan Palmer  18 Mar 1975Mystic, New London, Connecticut I30546
35 Whipple, Ralph  Aug 1927Mystic, New London, Connecticut I37999
36 Whipple, Samuel Austin  23 Jun 1989Mystic, New London, Connecticut I121020
37 Willis, Charles Frederick  27 Aug 1932Mystic, New London, Connecticut I92101
38 Willis, Harry Stribley  Mystic, New London, Connecticut I92115
39 Wolff, Alfred Wendell  25 Dec 1981Mystic, New London, Connecticut I45980

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