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Newport, Newport, Rhode Island


Latitude: 41.4901024, Longitude: -71.3128285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Frances "Fannie" Bishop  15 Sep 1893Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I126179
2 Balch, John Rogers  15 May 1772Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I58272
3 Barker, Mary  13 Mar 1678/1679Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I6634
4 Brown, Joseph Lieutenant  1684Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I12283
5 Card, James  1 Jan 1649/1650Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I732
6 Card, Job  26 Feb 1666Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I5322
7 Chace, Samuel  30 Jul 1722Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I54219
8 Champlain, Phebe  1777Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I67885
9 Champlain, Rebecca  1765Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I67883
10 Clarke, Walter Governor  1638Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I139276
11 Coggeshall, William  Abt 1654Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I60482
12 Congdon, William Miller  15 Nov 1857Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I144236
13 Cranston, Samuel Governor  16 Aug 1659Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I18680
14 Godfrey, Elizabeth  21 May 1709Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I54366
15 Greene, Thomas Jr.  21 Mar 1733/1734Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I53893
16 Grinnell, Ruth  11 May 1752Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I12296
17 Hadwen, Elizabeth or Eliza  20 Dec 1789Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I76570
18 Hall, Peleg  Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I162089
19 Hammond, Clark Brown  Abt 1797Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I136282
20 Hammond, Elizabeth Harper  1801Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I136283
21 Hammond, John Salisbury  Abt 27 Aug 1804Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I136285
22 Harris, Thomas Capt.  19 Oct 1665Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I19405
23 Hopkins, John  25 Aug 1742Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I15572
24 Hudson, Joseph Balty Card  27 Apr 1842Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I163986
25 Lapham, John  13 Dec 1677Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I34571
26 Lawrence, David  18 Feb 1738Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I56450
27 Lippitt, John Bowen  14 Jun 1902Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I121732
28 Olin, John  1664Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I118919
29 Olney, Phebe  15 Sep 1675Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I16172
30 Patten, William Samuel  14 Mar 1800Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I136127
31 Pratt, Adela Yerrinton  30 Dec 1882Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I71376
32 Rider, Joseph  Abt 1823Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I101326
33 Rumwell, James Fenner  25 Feb 1761Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I75636
34 Rumwell, Joseph  3 Jul 1770Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I75642
35 Rumwell, Mary  18 Jul 1766Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I75640
36 Rumwell or Rummerill or Rumreil, Ebenezer Jr.  4 Aug 1736Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I71518
37 Russell, Charles Handy  13 Sep 1796Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I58798
38 Seymoure, Hannah Allen  6 Aug 1801Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I139962
39 Silvester, Henchman  17 Mar 1755Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I80993
40 Silvester or Sylvester, Amy  22 Jul 1743Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I68535
41 Silvester or Sylvester, Christopher  5 Apr 1742Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I68534
42 Silvester or Sylvester, Joseph  2 Sep 1745Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I68536
43 Simmons, Elizabeth Hall  21 Sep 1796Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I110787
44 Simmons, Hiram Irving  15 Jun 1903Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I23516
45 Simons, Aaron II  Abt 1818Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I119892
46 Slocom, Benjamin  30 Nov 1714Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I18464
47 Slocum, Phebe Ann  1822Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I54453
48 Tew, Elnathan  15 Oct 1644Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I5527
49 Tillinghast, Joseph  Abt 1728Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I23043
50 Tourtellot, Abraham  22 Mar 1697/1698Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I107206

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Whipple, Benjamin  4 Sep 1726Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I80861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Almy, Anne or Ann  28 Dec 1720Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I68530
2 Atkins, Elisha  19 Jun 1867Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I52695
3 Bates, Howard Watson  28 Jun 1971Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I59481
4 Brown, Daniel  29 Sep 1710Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I28010
5 Brown, Jeremiah  1690Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I12287
6 Brown, John Ensign  1764Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I6477
7 Burlingame, Grace Christine  12 Mar 1992Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I110099
8 Carpenter, Sarah Matilda  25 Oct 1915Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I151691
9 Clarke, Jeremy  1651Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I139269
10 Crandall, John Elder  1678Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I49015
11 Cutter, Atherton Gerard  7 Dec 1991Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I165996
12 Eddy, John  Nov 1726Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I5487
13 Gardiner or Gardner, George or Georges  1677Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I17680
14 Grinnell, Edgar G.  24 Mar 1941Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I161422
15 Hammond, John S.  Between 25 May 1810 and 9 Oct 1812Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I136277
16 Holmes, Obadiah Reverend  15 Oct 1682Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I49021
17 Larned, George  1862Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I18813
18 Lineham, Amy Ann Anthony  29 Sep 1982Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I33747
19 Mosher, Hugh  1694Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I50291
20 Olney, Davis Wing  23 Aug 1971Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I64119
21 Paris, Mary  16 May 1765Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I143580
22 Rice, John  2 Jan 1758Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I7874
23 Rogers, Mary Louisa  8 Oct 1974Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I146807
24 Sherman, George Willard  21 Jun 1939Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I33746
25 Silvester or Sylvester, Joseph  12 Jul 1769Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I68532
26 Smith, Sarah E.  8 Mar 1906Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I144238
27 Stone, Joseph Foulke  16 Sep 1886Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I85415
28 Swann, Elizabeth Gilmor  20 Nov 1901Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I54054
29 Sweet, William A.  20 Nov 1857Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I141737
30 Tillinghast, John  16 Dec 1690Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I143572
31 Tillinghast, Joseph  1 Dec 1763Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I143579
32 Tillinghast, William Jr.  16 Feb 1782Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I54248
33 Tourtellot, Abraham  Abt 1706Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I107203
34 Tower, Augustus  Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I52232
35 Tower, Levi Jr.  4 Jun 1854Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I52064
36 Weaver, Benjamin  9 Nov 1915Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I115535
37 Weaver, Sarah Tripp  25 Feb 1935Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I151277
38 Whipple, John Jr.  27 Oct 1902Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I10095
39 Whipple, Joseph III, Deputy Governor  1761Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I26807
40 Whipple, Maria Bowen  6 Jun 1840Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I71167
41 Whipple, Robert Gilmer  23 Jun 1882Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I57638
42 Whipple, Sarah  Bef 5 Nov 1761Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I53817
43 Whipple, Sarah "Sally"  15 Jun 1886Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I42541
44 Whipple, Shirley Carter  5 Sep 1953Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I115533
45 White, Ephraim Albert  18 Apr 1946Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I141037


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Clarke, Jeremy  Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I139269
2 LeRoy, Esther  Newport, Newport, Rhode Island I28074


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Angell / Southwick  14 Feb 1861Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F57814
2 Angell / Waterman  6 Aug 1850Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F53614
3 Arnold / Cranston  2 Mar 1732Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F9921
4 Borden / Whipple  19 Oct 1749Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F24607
5 Card / Acres  Nov 1689Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F3088
6 Chase / Wade  9 Aug 1876Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F34092
7 Cooke / Hall  25 Nov 1834Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F30913
8 Coughlin / Phetteplace  21 Aug 1880Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F56911
9 Gardiner or Gardner / Ballou  1665Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F3686
10 Greene / Gardner  1 Nov 1826Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F51596
11 Guyette / Sherman  29 Dec 1942Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F16586
12 Hooper / Miller  1 Oct 1871Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F31835
13 Hopkins / Burroughs  29 Nov 1741Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F1422
14 Hubbard / Burbank  30 Mar 1897Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F58322
15 Hughes / Whipple  16 Sep 1908Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F35399
16 Norris / Stone  18 Mar 1911Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F37767
17 Olney / Stanton  12 Mar 1863Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F26603
18 Powell / Whipple  14 Jan 1890Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F35401
19 Seymoure / Hudson  26 Jul 1795Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F54669
20 Sherman / Brown  7 Oct 1885Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F7180
21 Silvester or Sylvester / Davenport  10 Jun 1754Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F30076
22 Silvester or Sylvester / Whipple  15 Oct 1738Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F30075
23 Smith / Arnold  30 Jun 1757Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F9503
24 Tower / Cooke  29 Jan 1807Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F24023
25 Weaver / Whipple  13 Nov 1892Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F46930
26 Whipple / Almy  Abt 1708Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F3485
27 Whipple / Redwood  1 Mar 1721Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F3486
28 Winsor / Weaver  10 Jun 1895Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F58355
29 Wrightington / Whipple  22 Mar 1900Newport, Newport, Rhode Island F26150

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