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Genealogies of Allied Rhode Island Families

Many of the older titles listed below are out of print. Some contain inaccurate genealogical information. If an examination of their genealogical information leads you to suspect errors in the Whipple Database, feel free to contact the Webmaster!


Smith, Dean Crawford. The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell, 1844-1910. -- Boston : New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1992.
ISBN : 0-88082-034-9.
Although listed as out of print in the Amazon.com Bookstore catalog, it is still available directly from the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Although the book contains no chapters on Whipples specifically, the index includes the names of 47 Whipples. Besides Angells, the following Rhode Island families have special chapters: Adams, Ashton, Barnes, Beard, Beckwith, Boyes, Briant, Burns, Cargill, Cochran, Gregg, Hempstead, Hogg, Inman, Johnson, Lee, Mowry, Olney, Smith, Strickland, Walter, Way, Williams, Wolterton, Young.


Bulkley, Abby Isabel Brown. The Chad Browne Memorial, Consisting of Genealogical Memoirs of a Portion of the Descendants of Chad and Elizabeth Browne. -- Brooklyn, N.Y., 1888.
Chad Brown was one of the original settlers of Providence, Rhode Island. His descendants include many notable figures in Rhode Island's history, including governors, senators, and the founders of Providence's Brown University. A significant percentage of his descendants are also descendants of Captain John Whipple.

This title is available from Higginson Book Company (https://www.higginsonbooks.com).

[Author unknown]. The Brown Genealogy of 1851, upon Which the Chad Brown Memorial Is Based.
Bibliographic details regarding this title are still uncertain. It includes some information not included in the later Chad Brown Memorial.

It is here presented exactly as received from Ian Mackie. Click here to view the book in Portable Document Format (PDF).


Mowry, William Augustus. A Family History: Richard Mowry, of Uxbridge, Mass.: His Ancestors and His Descendants. -- Providence : Sidney S. Rider, 1878.
Richard Mowry (1748/49-1835) is the son of Anne Whipple, whose ancestry at the time of this writing is still uncertain. (She is likely a descendant of Captain John Whipple of Providence.)

A reprint edition BiblioLife is available from Amazon.com.


Olney, James H. A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Olney, an Original Proprietor of Providence, R.I., Who Came from England in 1635. -- Providence : E.L. Freeman & Son, 1880.
Many of Thomas' descendants are also descendants of Captain John Whipple of Providence. Researchers of Rhode Island Whipples will want to consult this book.

Clayton J. Olney (cjolney@pol.net) has contributed a copy of the book to the Whipple Website! It is in Portable Document Format (PDF).


Genealogies of Rhode Island Families from Rhode Island Periodicals. -- Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1983. -- 2 volumes.
Volume 2 begins with Charles William Farnham's 150 page article entitled "John Smith, the Miller, of Providence, Rhode Island: Some of His Descendants." John's son, also named John Smith, married Captain John Whipple's daughter Sarah. Except for the first few pages, the entire article covers Sarah Whipple's descendants.
Listed in the Amazon.com Bookstore catalog.

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